Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Deployment pipeline/2017-04-25

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Who's here: Marko, Alexandros, Tyler, JR, Dan, Antoine

Last Time[edit]

  • There was no last time as it's a miracle there is time any time.

The previous time[edit]

  • Ran through RelEng's plan
    • Post merge: build production image, push to repo
  • Services
    • standalone service-runner work
  • Ops
    • Datacenter switch over :)


Team Updates[edit]

  • Ops
    • Staging hardware to arrive 2017-05-08
    • Racked ~mid may/3rd week of May
    • Moritz will be helping!
      • Base debian images
  • Services
    • Generating yaml for minikube for services
    • Build scripts outside of service-runner (unpublished but working)

Pipeline Requirements[edit]

For next time[edit]

As Always[edit]