Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Deployment pipeline/2017-03-28

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Who's here: Antoine thcipriani, Jean-René, Alexandros, Dan, Marko

Last Time[edit]

  • Little bit about ci-staging k8s
  • Lot of focus on next quarter colaboration
    • Releng needed to firm up quarterly goal
    • In future, once work is under way: shorten this meeting (i.e. Scrum of Pipelines)


Docker registry[edit]

There is one in production already. We should aim to reuse that existing registry (unless something dramatically stops us) either directly or via some namespacing Storage handled via OpenStack Swift (eg: plenty of disk space)

Point of contact: Alexandros

What runs containers ?[edit]

Docker being rearchitectured has some info Preference toward using Docker Maybe later move to rkt (or whatever else) Docker versioning moved to year.month.patch (ex: v17.03.1-ce )

runc/docker etc all adhere to OCI runtime specification. (yeah for standards!)

Homegrown image specification[edit]

Abstraction to generate Dockerfile (eg service-runner). Be prepared for backfire from people already familiar with Dockerfile Will need lot of documentation!!!

Next quarter cooperation[edit]

For next time[edit]

  • PoC use of docker registry
  • Review current docker image build jenkins agent

As Always[edit]