Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Deployment pipeline/2017-03-21

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Who's here: Alexandros, Giuseppe, Jean-René, Marko, Mukunda, Tyler, Antoine, Dan

Last Time[edit]

  • Discussed Pearson Deployment Pipeline how it works
    • tl;dr: most of the magic is in their Docker container. Lots of good ideas, not a lot of good implementation
  • ci-staging k8s
    • ci-staging-k8s-master: etcd, docker registry, api server, scheduler, controller
    • ci-staging-k8s-node01: kubelet, proxy
  • Need for some way to evaluate PoC


ci-staging-k8s next steps[edit]

  • k8s plugins for jenkins
  • k8s slaves

Binary Evaluation Criteria[edit]

Next quarter cooperation[edit]

  • RelEng: Build, promotion/tagging to staging in a basic way (ops + service requirements into account)
    • look at helm for deployment
  • ops will help in building the "staging/beta" k8s cluster for integration with deployment-prep
  • message pass up / quick standup
  • sprint board!

For next time[edit]

  • Solidfy the quartly goal for releng

As Always[edit]