Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Deployment pipeline/2017-03-14

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Who's here: Marko, Tyler, Dan, Antoine, JR

Last Time[edit]


k8s puppet stuff[edit]

  • Got help from Chase and Yuvi
  • On ci-staging labs project
  • Lots of dependencies using Puppet manifests (split between toolabs and prod)
  • Docker registry
  • Etcd

Pearson Deployment Pipeline Jenkins Plugin[edit]

How it works[edit]

Random Thoughts[edit]

  • Lots of thought went into this, it's well automated
  • There is a lot going on in their Docker base container (exhumed from base container)
  • We have a lot of repos (1080 configured in CI as of March 14th). A Jenkins for every repo is a lot of Jenkinses
  • "enterprise class"
  • Some good ideas here

For next time[edit]

  • Evaluation document
  • k8s infra
  • Specifications for configuration
  • Outline for what we need from specification
  • TODO releng team meeting bring up specifications/requirements for deployment pipeline for next quarter

As Always[edit]