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Who's here:

Last Time[edit]

  • 2017-02-21
    • Went into some detail about docker registries
    • Base images
    • Build manifest specifications
    • Need for private data

Questions/Actions =[edit]

Went until the end of the meeting, lots to digest :)


Does this specification need to cover anything k8s related or should it only be concerned with the building of images (not the running of them)? Unlike the Dockerfile specification, the k8s spec is well thought out and declarative.
      • Is this covered via environments.bitesize?
      • This covers lots of k8s things: ingress, service, etc.
      • environments.bitesize is for e2e tests/blue-green deployment, could work with *just* (haha) build.bitesize-ish but add unit tests...
      • See also Pearson talk at kubecon Nov 2016
  • Mathoid POC
    • Still the right place to start after our discussions?
    • Subtasks and timelines

Scope discussion[edit]

  • Nodepool is a secondary concern
    • will be resolved as a consequence of this work
    • not the target of this work
  • Pushing tags to trigger a rebuild of a container
    • rather than building a new container for every push of the repo
    • Triggers build + push to beta cluster
  • Namespacing Docker registry
    • One namespace for staging, one for production
    • Moving tags after e2e tests to move containers between namespaces?
    • Teams deploy services (as long as they're on call for that service)
    • You deploy, you fix™
  • Build Confidence
    • The goal of the e2e tests + the deployment-prep k8s

For next time[edit]

  • Expand workboard tasks, break out subtasks
  • Build a jenkins in CI-Staging to test pipeline plugins

As Always[edit]