Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/DataDataData Sync Up/2019-03-12

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Last time[edit]

Today's Agenda[edit]

Outline plan for Analytics[edit]

JR: Analytics might have thoughts on having easy access to large pool of data and querying that is flexible to changing needs

What data we have currently or are planning to collect[edit]

  • Schema
  • Data samples

How we might want to query that data[edit]

  • Our data is highly structured (see schemas)
    • Is Hadoop or ES more appropriate for that? Would we lose structure by putting it in Hadoop?
    • How much do we have to know about how data's structure before we put it in ES?
      • Can relationships/schema be changed after data is stored?

TODOs (by next meeting)[edit]

  • Dan to draft email to Analytics (include dashboard mockup)