Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/CI Futures WG/2019 Mar 07

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The goal of this meeting is to review what's happened since yesterday's meeting and plan work until next meeting.

Actions from previous meeting:

  • Done: Lars to check with his friend Vince about what NetSurf does for OS X building
  • Done: Brennen to also ask his own friend
  • Done: Dan to help debug the Blubber build problem with Lars.
  • Done: Lars: (GitLab CI)
  • TODO: Lars: (Concourse CI)
  • Done: Brennen to continue work on spreadsheet during the day.
  • Done: Brennen to add "open core y/n" to spreadsheet.
  • TODO: Brennen to take next piece of software for evaluation off the stack once spreadsheet is more filled out.
  • TODO: Dan to reach out to mobile developers at WMF to gather requirements for what's needed for building and testing moble apps in CI.


  • Lars talked to Vince about OS X building. Vince uses Apple hardware and it's fragile.
  • Brennen heard pretty much the same.
  • We can rent managed Macs.
  • Lars has to evaluated GitLab-CI.
    • TODO: Write up in ticket.
  • Discussion on Jon Robson's meeting on and
    • Seem sensible.
    • Might not be directly relevant to the WG.
    • Supporting a dev-customisable command to run before build and deploy seems like a good thing to have.
    • Neither ticket seems directly relevant to the WG. We will empower developers to do what they need to do.
    • TODO: Lars to ask Robson to invite Brennen to the meeting.
  • When shall we meet next? What should we do by then?
    • Candidate for Brennen to pick.
      • TODO: Brennen to create ticket for evaluation of sourcehut
      • TODO: Brennen to double-check gerrithub
      • TODO: Željko to continue to look for more possible candidates
    • Next meeting: Friday 16:00 UTC


  • TODO: Lars to draft next blog post