Wikimedia Product Guidance/Communication roles and responsibilities


The goal of this page is to make a list of the most common public-facing tasks that teams need to perform, and to get agreement on "who does what". These tasks can be performed by both Product Managers and Community Relations Specialists; each team needs to figure out their own balance. The straw dog assignments below are based on a balance between current thinking and historical conventions. Some of the tasks may end up being a shared responsibility.

  • Create a project page for every user-facing project, with the intention of creating an open communication channel between the product team and the community. (PM)
  • Post early ideas including goals, wireframes, mockups, design planning docs and the results of user testing, in collaboration with designers and researchers. (PM)
  • Post status updates on the project page on a regular basis (at least once every 2 weeks), to keep people informed on progress and to encourage users to watchlist the page for updates. (PM by default; in agreed cases, CRS with content produced by PM)
  • Make announcements on village pumps, mailing lists, Diff and Phabricator at appropriate times during the project -- kickoff of the project, posting a key update that needs feedback, a call to action for testing prototypes. (CRS)
  • Identify mid-project opportunities for feedback, especially when there's a judgment call that community members can participate in. (CRS)
  • Watch discussion on project talk page and respond within reasonable timeframe. (CRS/PM)
  • Watch discussion on extension talk page and respond within reasonable timeframe. (Lead Developer)
  • Watch discussion in other places and respond within reasonable timeframe. (CRS)
  • Surface questions and ideas to the product team for discussion. (PM/CRS)
  • Triaging bug reports, reproducing problems, creating Phab tickets. (QA when available, others)