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This page describes the data set mediawiki_geoeditors_monthly that stores on Druid Datasources, which can be accessed via Superset/Turnilo. mediawiki_geoeditors_monthly on Druid is directly loaded from wmf.mediawiki_geoeditors_monthly on Hive, while wmf.mediawiki_geoeditors_monthly on Hive is extracted from wmf.editors_daily.


Field name data type description data example source schema source field
distinct_editors bigint Number of editors meeting this activity level 1 wmf.editors_daily count(*)
users_are_anonymous boolean Whether or not this group of editors edited anonymously 1, 0 wmf.editors_daily user_is_anonymous
country_code string The 2-letter ISO country code this group of editors geolocated to, including Unknown (--) "CN", "GE", etc. wmf.editors_daily country_code
activity_level string How many edits this group of editors performed, can be "1 to 4", "5 to 99", or "100 or more" "1 to 4", "5 to 99", "100 or more" wmf.editors_daily edit_count
wiki_db string The wiki database the editors worked in abwiki wmf.editors_daily wiki_db
namespace_zero_distinct_editors bigint Number of editors meeting this activity level with only namespace zero edits 4 wmf.editors_daily count(*) with condition that namespace_zero_edit_count > 0

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