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This page is intended to be a whiteboard for requests and feature ideas for future mobile contribution projects.


Task suggestion[edit]

  1. Requested task from funnel of requests (e.g., "someone suggested this plot summary is too detailed - do you agree?", "is this the right description for this image?")

Task assignment[edit]

  1. Mini-game (e.g., "disambiguate/wikify/categorize these three sentences/articles!")


Page and vandalism patrol[edit]

  1. Clean, mobile-friendly versions of NewPages Feed or Huggle

Image curation[edit]

  1. Category as gallery - add/remove images, tag images

Power watchlist[edit]

  1. Quick diff display and revert functionality
  2. Revision-level feedback (e.g., +1 an edit)


Casual communication[edit]

  1. Simplified article and/or user talk page functionality
  2. Notifications for user talk edits
  3. Streamlined commenting system on talk pages and community discussion spaces (e.g, Village pumps, noticeboards)
  4. Wikilove

Article feedback[edit]

  1. Request a task for funnel (see #Task suggestion)
  2. Mobile AFT
  3. Article feedback moderation (upvote/downvote/flag feedback)

Power reader tools[edit]

Watchlist annotation[edit]

  1. Annotate/save to-do items within article for later editing
  2. Annotate/save articles to watch/improve later


  1. Add location to content
  2. Notifications when nearby content needs image/article

Social features[edit]

  1. Sharing content (articles, images)
  2. Sharing a task (e.g., request image for an article from friends/contacts)
  3. Personalized content collections (e.g., "my galleries," "my favorites")
  4. Contact a Wikipedian (e.g., request help, a copyedit, peer review, etc.)

Content creation[edit]

  1. Image upload
  2. Create a stub
  3. Sentence-level editing


Social network leveraging[edit]

  1. Use profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to determine relevancy and expertise for editing


  1. Citation templates auto-populated from ISBN (manual entry or photo)

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