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Leave your feedback on the Wiktionary Mobile App for Android here!


See the bug list

  • There are links in the mainspace to the projectspace. wikt:Wiktionary:Etymology is one of these links. On the mobile version, the policy template looks nice on the mobile view, but it cuts off (goes over the right end of the screen) and one can't move the page to see the rest. Probably not super important, but people will probably be viewing project pages using the mobile app (purposefully or wandering). Killiondude (talk) 18:57, 30 March 2012 (UTC)
  • Additionally, when any of the sections are opened, the licensing footer at the bottom is cut off (can't scroll down to view the complete licensing footer). I haven't checked the bug reports to see if this has already been talked about. Killiondude (talk) 00:24, 1 April 2012 (UTC)
  • <chrismcmahon> Amgine: one thing I notice right away on the front page is that "Word of the day" and "for April 13" are in different fonts, and shown as "day" (big font) "for" (small font) "edit" (link) , "refresh" (link) <line break> April 13 (small font)
    • Is this a template issue, or a default Android fonts issue? (by amgine)
  • <chrismcmahon> Amgine: feature or bug? search for a word, the top of the resulting page shows only "Hide" button and text "English", not the string/word searched.
    • Resolved: mobile frontend does not display page title.


Add any features you'd like to see here!

  • Sound files should display as a button with the text describing language/dialect/region, rather than the sound file name. - Amgine/meta wikt wnews blog wmf-blog goog news 16:31, 13 April 2012 (UTC)
    • Some kind of sound embedding would be amazing... Andrew Gray (talk) 22:47, 19 June 2012 (UTC)
  • Indenting past about three layers is pretty ugly in the app - the text ends up squashed onto one side of the screen, with lines four or five words long and a lot of distracting whitespace. This is also a problem for the WP app, but you don't notice it so much there - WP articles don't use heavy indenting, and the app is mostly used for mainspace rather than discussions, which is where indenting appears.
  • However, WT uses three indents for quote text by default - see, eg, wikt:stride - and so this will probably turn up on most pages. Would it be possible to - to pick a random example - render quote text without the indent but with a coloured bar in the LH margin? Andrew Gray (talk) 22:54, 19 June 2012 (UTC)
  • Many mobile sites allow enlargement-on-demand, by spread-dragging fingers horizontally. This is fairly useful for the population with weakening eyesight, a growing demographic. DCDuring (talk) 16:51, 22 June 2012 (UTC)

Other Comments/Issues[edit]

Anything else goes here!

IRC feedback
  • <Reedy> Amgine: there's a few things that should be pulled in from the wp app IMHO - Promote share to the main menu. Also, bring the i18n fixes for license links etc on the settings page
    • Both of these have been fixed.
  • <JackPotte> Amgine: the file .apk took 10 s to be downloaded here in Paris on my Samsung Galaxy S, then 1 s to install, they I've launched it and see the Commons Creative message
    <JackPotte> it's not the best main page but the search engine is working, Amgine
    <Amgine> <nods> Thanks. Is it in French or English?
    <JackPotte> Amgine: a perfect French
    <Amgine> That is, fr.wiktionary, or en.wiktionary?
    <Amgine> okay, perfect. The locale fix is working.
    <JackPotte> not written, but with the word "test" I've found the fr.wikt page, and
    <JackPotte> I've clicked on edit and it's working through Firefox
    <Amgine> really? that's cool. I didn't know it did that...
    <JackPotte> Amgine: actually I don't have any tab to modify the page, but the fr.wikt offers a link to do it in a stub template
    <JackPotte> Amgine: in the settings I'm supposed to be able to change the language but only the French is available ni the list
    <JackPotte> I hope that it will be relevant, the page bookmarks are working properly too
    <JackPotte> Amgine: I can't get the page I've created deux hours ago, when I click on "partager" (share) I can choose with which application (Facebook...)
    <Amgine> The share should send the url to the other app. Depending on the type of app, it will decide what to do with that url.
  • Congratulations all - it's a pretty elegant tool! Andrew Gray (talk) 22:57, 19 June 2012 (UTC)