Wikimedia Mobile engineering/Strategy/2013-2014 Q1 planning

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  • Goals/hopes/concerns
    • Goal: Gain clarity around overall expectations and desires of department
  • Wishlist/product visioning
    • Goal: Unify department on quarterly goal(s)
  • User stories
    • Goal: Gain clarity and some consensus around high-level features
  • Planning poker
    • Goal: Get relative estimations of stories, identify dependencies, risks, etc.
  • Discussion and Prioritization [Arthur/Maryana/Tomasz]
    • Goal: Identify at a high level how stories evolved; identify areas of alignment/overlap between apps/web
  • Quick retrospective [Arthur]
    • Goal: Identify how to improve quarterly (and annual) planning meetings in the future.
  • After: Mobile apps/web cross-pollination
    • Open hack time, work on what you want - app/web pairing/defection/etc encouraged


What does success look like? What are your hopes?[edit]

  • Okay, okay, more realistic goal: we double our current mobile contributor pool :D
  • People tell us and their friends that mobile Wikipedia is awesome
    • Hmm, they already do: (GREAT SUCCESS!)
  • (Technical) Wikipedia Zero becomes further decoupled from MobileFrontend
  • Low error rates (for things like uploads)
  • Other teams and volunteers making mobile things / making mobile optimised features
  • Smaller codebase for MobileFrontend (upstreamed changes, HTML transformations killed with fire)
  • Apps are well liked by users, get significant usage share
  • Vector desktop skin looking more like mobile
  • Low to nonexistent community pushback
  • People suggest other great things to do with the apps and web that show how much they're using it
  • Experienced editors recommend Mobile as a way to 'get work done' to their friends
  • We've hit at least 1/4 of our annual goal!
  • Apps uptake increases, apps ease of use increases
  • Official apps have better ratings than 3rd party apps on both app stores
  • Apps make possible scenarios that aren't possible via Mobile Web or Desktop
  • People do useful things with our apps and mobile site
  • A selfy of Barack Obama on the Barack Obama article (that would be a success to me! (to me too :)))
  • More teams/projects build mobile-friendly features
  • Infinite ZeroRated partners in every country

What does failure look like? What are your concerns?[edit]

  • MobileFrontend3 extension
  • We can't sustain our current monthly contributors numbers (we dip below 1K)
  • People tell us and their friends that mobile Wikipedia sucks
  • Other teams create desktop-only features
  • People are confused about how to use our apps and or using the web so go back to desktop
  • People on wiki hate us, the word 'mobile' brings groans from multiple people
  • Apps aren't used/get poor reviews
  • Everyone works way too many hours - works late, works weekends
  • We can't retain any users; we just get drive-bys #selfiepocalypse
  • Users who do register become inactive
  • Apps and web go in completely different directions
  • Someone creates MobileFrontend3 haha snap
  • Community stones the mobile dept
  • People create lots of useless stuff that has to be cleaned up via the mobile site and apps
  • Apps usage drops or they are poorly received
  • More regressions than new features


What worked well?[edit]

  • didn't feel like two days of meetings
  • was not exhausting ( or rly?!)
  • it was a beautiful exhaustion
  • prolific user story creation+
  • yesterday was awesome and productive
  • having arthur in the office+++
  • having design involvement
  • broke down some more of our ideas for apps into manageable pieces+
  • collaboration of the team+
  • hearing about the analytic results+1
  • very creative brainstorming - lots of engagement from everyone :)
  • Got thrown into the water today, drank a lot.
  • GOOD contentious converstaions+

What didn't work well?[edit]

  • Apps and mobile web didn't mix too much+1++++++++
    • Talk a little more about what we plan to build, identify more places for cooperation
    • Thinking of stories in isolation was not good - maybe have a rep from each hanging out with the other
  • Get out of the office for this in the future, environment should invigorate discussion+++++
    • Need to be sure to support remoties
  • Lack of a human mission statement for the next 3 sprints+++++
      • not a number, something more qualitative; something you'd tell your mom and she would understand+
  • R37
    • Heat, noise (both for remoties and folks in the room)+++
  • Office LieFi sucks
  • R66 LiFi (TM), had to cannabalize ethernet cord from phone
  • 3 friggin days+++
  • Audio was worse than usual, especially today. I've got a headache from people constantly knocking on the table.+
  • Very little dev work++
  • Saturday Morning 2 AM!
  • apps didn't get to estimation, we had lots to talk about :)
  • apps depends a lot on WikiData, of which we didn't have enough information+
  • Monte's wifi connection&Jon's
  • i need coffee today
  • SO MANY STORIES \o/ <- writing them all together instead of individually might have helped us dedupe+ +
  • no general gauge of what 1 vs 400 planning poker score means for user stories that we created++
  • This iteration started on Monday but has been disrupted+
  • sometime people shot down ideas during ideation rather than just being creative+
  • need more veggie food :)+
  • (Hammocks?)++

What still puzzles you?[edit]

Isn't Kaldari supposed to wear a hat?+1 When do we start ordering pizzas for us remoties? How apps and mobile web are going to live together going forward+++++

    • overlapping more in sprint planning meetings, or other planning meetings in general?
    • finding more unity between features/feature ideas

How does Vector fit into the mobile web future+