Wikimedia Language engineering/Reports/2016/December

November 2016 Wikimedia Language engineering monthly report for December 2016 January 2017

Monthly updates from the Wikimedia Language team focused on technical development of the software they maintain. Names of people assumed to contribute as volunteers are in bold text.

Content Translation[edit]

Content Translation allows people to translate Wikipedia articles. Also check out out the newsletter.

About 20 patches were merged this month.

  • Santhosh Thottingal replaced jshint, jscs, jsbeautify with eslint. T151741
  • Santhosh Thottingal fixed an inline template related publishing failure. T152144
  • Santhosh Thottingal made a fix to event logging. T152467
  • Santhosh Thottingal fixed a bug that caused inline template editor to occupy full screen. T152524
  • Aftab added namespace translations for Bengali.
  • Santhosh Thottingal fixed a inline template related draft restoration issue.
  • Filip changed Special:CXStats to display correct header text. T117191
  • Umherirrender fixed some code style violations.
  • Niklas Laxström improved usability of inline template editor by making it close automatically. T151630
  • Santhosh Thottingal updated CX to use a new recommendation api. T153187
  • Kartik Mistry fixed many stylelint violations. T152079
  • Umherirrender removed a message that was declared twice.
  • Marco Aurelio added namespace translations for Spanish. T153954

Usage data[edit]

Details Numbers
Articles created (during the month) 10987
Articles created till end of month 155276
Number of new translators (during the month) 1084
Highest number of articles created by one user

(cumulative number till end of the month)

Highest number of translators for a Wikipedia

(cumulative number till end of the month)

4038 (es)
Total number of translators with only 1 published article

(cumulative number till end of the month)

Total number of translators with only 2 published articles

(cumulative number till end of the month)

Total number of translators with only 3 published articles

(cumulative number till end of the month)

Total number of translators with only 4 published articles

(cumulative number till end of the month)

Total number of translators with >= 5 and < 20 published articles

(cumulative number till end of the month)

Total number of translators with >= 20 and < 100 published articles

(cumulative number till end of the month)

Total number of translators with >= 100 published articles

(cumulative number till end of the month)

Articles deleted (during the month) 658

Note: As mentioned in the previous report, the "Total number of translators with >= 20 published articles" metric is retired and split into ">= 20 and < 100" and ">= 100".



Translate extension allows translation of software interface, manuals, announcements, banners etc. on Wikimedia special projects, and other sites. Translate is part of MLEB.

About 20 patches were merged in this month.

  • Brad Jorsch maintained code in translator sandbox.
  • Niklas Laxström updated date selector in Special:TranslationStats.
  • Aftab updated special page aliases for Bengali. T151927
  • Federico Leva fixed a bug related to logging in translator sandbox. T151037
  • Federico Leva fixed a database query performance regression in translator sandbox.
  • Erik Moeller removed the deprecated RubyYamlFFS class.
  • Niklas Laxström improved output escaping in the custom language selector widget.
  • Amir Sarabadani made the translatable page language listing follow Wikimedia UI color palette.
  • Niklas Laxström added an option to skip writing metadata section in JsonFFS format.
  • Federico Leva, Mboisson and Niklas Laxström made Translate extension show outdated translation (marked as such) instead of falling back to source language. This feature can be disabled with a configuration variable. T60429
  • Kunal Mehta improved consistency in the page translation page deletion form.
  • Niklas Laxström fixed an issue that prevented showing translated message group description for some message groups. T153512
  • Niklas Laxström removed some no longer needed backwards compatibility code.
  • Niklas Laxström implemented plural aware message content comparison to avoid showing false changes in Special:ManageMessageGroups.

Usage data[edit]

  • Translatable pages: Meta 3280 (+97) ; 3253 (+132) ; Commons 501 (-11) [1][2][3]
  • Translate extension is installed on 213 wikis (-2) Wikiapiary

Universal Language Selector[edit]

Universal Language Selector provides language choice, input methods and web fonts. It is part of MLEB.

  • Amir Aharoni updated jquery.uls upstream library.
  • Niklas Laxström enabled warnings for deprecated PHP entry point.

Other extensions[edit]

Babel (part of MLEB):

  • Umherirrender updated ignored files for git.
  • TTO fixed categorization of language codes with dashes. T146778

cldr (Common Locale Data Repository) (part of MLEB):

  • Umherirrender fixed a mistake that prevented messages from being loaded for this extension.

CleanChanges (part of MLEB):

  • No changes

LocalisationUpdate (part of MLEB):

  • Niklas Laxström enabled warnings for deprecated PHP entry point.


  • Aftab added namespace translation for Bengali. T151927


No MLEB was released this month. Last release was 2016.10. Next release is planned for 2017.01.

MediaWiki core internationalization[edit]

This is a new, experimental section in this report. Coverage might not be comprehensive.

Project Milkshake[edit]

Project Milkshake consists of four re-usable jquery internationalization libraries.


  • No changes.


  • Amir Aharoni fixed a small message issue.
  • Amir Aharoni fixed an issue with lki language name.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.[edit]

See also news page.

  • Siebrand Mazeland pointed support questions for Huggle to Phabricator.
  • Phantom42 created insertables for CopyPatrol. T150238
  • Niklas Laxström changed branch for translation exports for Oppia.
  • SacredWKnight created insertables for Wikimedia iOS app. T150255
  • Niklas Laxström added MediaWiki extension SemanticFormsSelect for translation.
  • Niklas Laxström finally fixed support for old rsync in oregano deployment tool.
  • Justin Du created insertables for Intuition, Kiwix, Wikidata Query GUI, NOCC, FUDforum, MantisBT and T150242, T150243, T150253, T150251, T150239, T150250, T150244
  • Niklas Laxström updated the script that fetches the list of MediaWiki extensions from Gerrit because the script was broken due to Gerrit upgrade. T152727
  • Erik Moeller added Commons Android app back to translation.
  • Niklas Laxström fixed multiple bugs and warnings in shell scripts found by shellsheck.
  • Yusuke Matsubara and Niklas Laxström updated language code mappings for Commons Android app.
  • Niklas Laxström updated HHVM settings due to observed unstability in HHVM.
  • Amir Aharoni split MediaWiki extension Echo WebAPI messages to a separate group.
  • Niklas Laxström created @translatewiki GitHub account for translation updates and added support to the export scripts.
  • Niklas Laxström added MediaWiki extension FinnFrameNet for translation, to test the new @translatewiki GitHub account.
  • Niklas Laxström found and reported an issue to HHVM issue tracker about frequent crashing of HHVM 3.17.0 when running MediaWiki.
  • Raimond Spekking added MediaWiki extensions Genealogy, Wiki Labels and Blue Spice Page Version and made changes to many others.


  • About 80 (-10) new users
  • About 345 (+30) translators made about 46.000 (+4.500) edits
  • About 75 (=) translators reviewed about 9.500 (+3.000) translations

Sources: [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]


  • Niklas Laxström fixed a message escaping issue.
  • Niklas Laxström cleaned up login widget style definitions.

Deployments and other site related updates[edit]

Cross team work/requirements[edit]

Team status[edit]

  • Niklas' Wikimedia and MediaWiki related course is finished.