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Last update on: 2014-09-monthly


Highlights of this month's communications and outreach activities by the team include UX testing with community members for ULS changes by Pau Giner, blog posts on team programs including the Language Mavens, home page, translation UX improvements. The team also held office hours with the community as well as a successful bug triage focused on translate bugs.


The Language Mavens met and discussed areas they can contribute to for Language tools. As part of GSoC 2013, all developers on the team are set to mentor 4 Language Engineering projects supporting jQuery.IME, Language Coverage Matrix, RTL support for Visual Editor and Translate mobile app. Monthly office hours and bug triage were held. The team continued to report and blog on its activities. Hackathon organization and participation at Amsterdam and Tel Aviv were very successful.


The team continued their collaborative projects with Google, Twitter, Microsoft internationalization and MT teams on webfonts, input tools and machine translation.


Runa Bhattacharjee is setting up a Test Case Management System, to facilitate manual testing inside the team and helping volunteer translators test new versions of language tools and report the results.


Runa Bhattacharjee and Kartik Mistry set up a manual testing infrastructure using the Test Case Management System (TCMS) to help get greater participation from the volunteer community of software tools and features developed by the team. Volunteer testing is expected to be kickstarted for language software this coming month. The team's monthly office hour was hosted by Runa Bhattacharjee on March 12. An overview of webfonts with advantages and challenges of using them on Wikimedia sites was also published by the team.


The team prepared targeted mini-surveys for readers of Wikipedia in poorly-supported languages, and held IRC office hours.


Niklas Laxström participated in the Zürich hackathon.


We announced the initial availability of the Content translation tool with limited feature support. We are focusing on supporting Spanish to Catalan translations for this initial release. You can read a report on the feedback received since deployment.


The team was at Wikimania in London. Santhosh Thottingal and Amir Aharoni presented on Machine-aided machine translation, and Runa Bhattacharjee and Kartik Mistry on Testing multilingual applications. They conducted user testing for ContentTranslation in several languages (Catalan, Spanish, Kazakh, Russian, Bengali, Hebrew, Arabic), continued conversations with translators from Wikipedias in several languages, and published a retrospective on ContentTranslation and Wikimania.


The Language Engineering team hosted a round-table with Catalan Wikipedia editors who use ContentTranslation to gather feedback about their experience with the tool. OPW mentors started coordinating with candidates interested in internationalization projects.