Wikimedia Hackathon 2023/Local area information

19–21 May 2023 | Athens, Greece

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The Hackathon coordination team is still actively working on this page to update and add content. Please be aware that the information on this page could change or evolve in the upcoming days.

Useful information and tips[edit]

Emergency phone numbers[edit]

100 Police
166 Ambulance service
199 Fire
112 National emergency number


You can check the weather in Athens here. The temperatures will be pretty nice during the day (25°C) but chilly in the evening and night, and there's a risk of rain (make sure to bring a jacket). The event venue does not have AC.


Greek, in its modern form, is the official language of Greece, where it is spoken by almost the entire population. English is most commonly spoken in Greece. If you get lost, you should be able to find someone with at least basic knowledge of English very quickly. Almost all signs are written in Greek and English.

Useful phrases in Greek[edit]

English Greek Phonetic
Good morning Καλημέρα ka-li-me-ra
Good night Καληνύχτα ka-li-ni-hta
Yes Ναι ne
No Όχι o-hi
Thank you Ευχαριστώ ef-ha-ri-stoh
Sorry / Excuse me Συγγνώμη sig-no-mii
Please / You' re welcome Παρακαλώ pa-ra-ka-loh
I don’t understand Δεν καταλαβαίνω then ka-ta-la-ve-noh
Water Νερό ne-ró
Come Έλα é-la
Ok Εντάξει En-dá-xi
Pharmacy Φαρμακείο far-má-cio
Hospital Νοσοκομείο no-so-ko-meío


Pharmacies close to the venue[edit]

Address Phone number Cordinates Map link
Dekeleon st. 48 Athens (30) 21 0346 4443 37.96486848866614,23.705091406176766 map
Ippothontidon st.36 Athens (30) 21 0347 7664 37.98476753169131,23.73072251127279 map

Emergency pharmacies close to the hotel[edit]

Date Time Address Phone number Cordinates Map link
Friday, 19 May 2023 08:00 am - 14:00 pm & 17:00 pm - 08:00 am Eleftheriou Venizelou (Panepistimiou) st 41, Athens center (30) 2103257388 37.9806855,23.7326220 map
Saturday, 20 May 2023 08:00 am - 14:00 pm & 17:00 pm - 08:00 am Eleftheriou Venizelou (Panepistimiou) st 16, Athens center (30) 210363650 37.9782787,23.7349684 map
Sunday, 21 May 2023 08:00 am - 14:00 pm & 17:00 pm - 08:00 am Solonos st. 60, Athens center (30) 2103600060 37.9806788,23.7366585 map


Map of the area (click items to view labels)

Generally, Athens is considered safe. Like most major cities, petty and opportunistic crime, including pickpocketing and bag-snatching, remains the primary concern for travelers, so use good judgment. We recommend leaving valuables at home, and never leaving your belongings unattended.

Please exercise additional caution at night. Avoid the neighborhoods west (on Menandrou, Deligiorgi, and Agiou Konstantinou streets) and northeast (e.g., Exarcheia) of the hotel, and opt for public transit or taxi/uber (rather than walking) between the venue and hotel after dark. We recommend traveling in groups of two or more.

If you do not feel comfortable exploring the city on your own, you can find other people to move with you (ask on the Hackathon Telegram group).


  • ATM-skimming is a risk and travelers are advised to use ATMs at more secure locations, such as the airport, or inside banks or hotels.
  • Take special care of items containing personal information (e.g. passport, laptops etc)
  • Despite a crackdown on taxi fraud, travelers should note that taxi drivers may attempt to exaggerate costs; members should ensure that a meter is properly used before accepting a ride or agree on the fare in advance, and politely decline if a driver seeks to pick up an additional passenger.
  • Petty and opportunistic crime, including pickpocketing and bag-snatching, remains the primary concern for travelers, with thieves often operating in groups to target and distract individuals on public transport or in tourist areas. Violent crime is low, though members should avoid isolated areas at night.
  • Strikes and protests are common. The most popular rallying points are outside the parliament building in Syntagma Square and the adjacent Panepistimiou Avenue. Please note that Greece will be holding its parliamentary election on Sunday, May 21st, so we advise you to stay away from these areas, as police brutality has increased rapidly the last few years.
  • Violent groups operating in the Exarcheia neighborhood may find opportunity (e.g. during rallies or other random reasons) to target police with Molotov cocktails outside the Athens Polytechnic Building on 28 October Street (also known as Patission Street). Members should exercise caution when traveling through the Exarcheia district and Exarchion Square, particularly after dark.
  • While not very common, in recent years there have been attacks involving improvised explosives, incendiary devices or arson, most often directed against government or police buildings and vehicles, as well as diplomatic missions, multinational companies, and financial or foreign institutions, and to a lesser extent, political figures. Such attacks pose a low risk to foreign visitors as they are generally minor, take place at night and are intended to cause damage and gain publicity rather than cause injury.