Wikimedia Hackathon 2022/How to

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Creating a Friendly Space

The Code of Conduct for Wikimedia's Technical Spaces and Friendly Space Policy will be in effect throughout the event, on all platforms, discussion channels, and at local meetups.

Joining the Hackathon space[edit]

The Hackathon will be held in the WorkAdventure platform, a virtual game-space. We will publish the link to enter the space 3 hours before the first set of Core Hours.

Before joining the space, please read carefully:

  • WorkAdventure is a tool developed by a company based in Europe. The user data stored is mostly the username and avatar preferences. The content of the video discussions are not stored on their servers.
  • Please read the privacy policy and cookies policy, please have a look and only proceed if you agree with these terms.
  • All users should abide by the Code of Conduct for Wikimedia's Technical Spaces.
  • As long as you have the WorkAdventure tab open, people can automatically contact you and access your video stream. If you don’t want to be contacted, don’t forget to close the tab/window.

Entering the game space:

  1. If you’re joining the map for the first time, enter a username.
  2. Select your avatar using arrows, or click "custom" to pick more possibilities.
  3. Optionally, give your browser permission to use the microphone and camera.
  4. Enter the game-space. You can move by using the arrows on your keyboard, or your fingers on mobile. You can move faster by pressing Shift at the same time.

Navigating the game space:

When you approach another avatar, a small video-chat will pop up.

Three people talking in a video chat overlayed on an animated gamespace
WorkAdventure in the 2021 Hackathon

Throughout the platform, there are virtual rooms where sessions will take place which correspond to the session themes.

There are also two open hacking rooms, an Antarctic room, and a newcomers room, which are open for use at anytime.

The Help and Moderation room, at the entrance to the game space, will be staffed during core hours to answer questions. If you have urgent concerns, email the organizers.

Black text and blue shapes on a yellow background showing where rooms are. If you are visually impaired, contact for direct links to video sessions.
Map of the rooms in the game space

When you enter a room, you will join a Jitsi video conference.

A yellow, animated floor, and an animated room with desks and a goat. If you are visually impaired and want direct access to the video rooms, contact
The entrance to the game space, and the Help and Moderation room to the left.
An animated room with an avatar named Lea beside it
A virtual "room" which when entered, will generate a Jitsi video conference where people can discuss WikiData topics

Explore the map and discover the different features (for example: try to get close to one of the notice boards on the walls). You can use the map to chat with people, gather participants in one of the project rooms, or wander in the garden.

More information:

What to do if you're new[edit]

First time at a Wikimedia Hackathon? Check out our tips on what to do if you're new.

Hosting a session[edit]

There are several ways to host sessions. You can:

  • Host a session during the Hackathon about a technical topic of your choice
  • Host a social session during the Hackathon, such as a meditation session, music performance, art lesson, or online game.

We also wrote up some tips for hosting sessions.

Joining a session[edit]

Check out the schedule to see what sessions are available. Links to participate will be posted in May.

Suggesting or joining a project[edit]

Hackathons are all about hacking! There are many ways to work on a project, including:

  • Add your projects that others can join and support as tasks to the Phabricator workboard
  • Look at the Phabricator workboard for projects you have the skills to join and support
  • Propose projects that you need help with on the Phabricator workboard

Phabricator is a tool for tracking issues and for project management. If you have not used Phabricator before, check Phabricator/Help .

Attending a meetup[edit]

There are many meetups happening around the world. To participate in a meetup, you can

  • Find a meetup near you on the meetups page.
  • Host a local meetup for attendees near you. Make sure to post about it on the [[<tvar name=1>Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Hackathon 2022/Meetups</tvar>|meetups]] page so people know where to find you!

Other Volunteer opportunities[edit]

We are looking for people to help us run an awesome and smooth event! If you’re interested in helping with facilitating a room or newcomer support, you can add your name to the Helper Roles page. Or feel free to volunteer directly by:

  • Contribute translations to this page
  • Spread the word about this Hackathon to your community
  • Share ideas for projects you would like to work on
  • Share ideas for sessions you would like to attend