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9–11 May, 2020 | Tirana, Albania

By plane[edit]

Tirana International Airport[edit]

“Mother Teresa” airport is served by various airlines from around Europe. A bus service, that runs every hour during day time, connects the airport with Tirana. At night and early morning, you might need to take a taxi.

The facilities include free Wi-Fi and an Adrion press shop. Beside the baggage carousel in arrivals, there’s an ATM, a currency exchange office, and the airport’s tourism information desk. The airport has a duty-free shop and customs operates 24 hours a day.

Contact information[edit]

Lost & Found[edit]

By Bus[edit]

Public transportation in Tirana consists of a number of intra-city bus lines. A single trip costs 40 leks (there are only single tickets available) and tickets are sold in the bus by a conductor. Buses marked ‘Unaze’ are for the ring road and travel in a loop around the city centre. There are also lines serving suburban shopping centres and the Tirana Airport.

By Taxi[edit]

The fastest way to get around is by taxi. Public transportation is not always reliable and doesn’t run after 8 or 10-11 p.m depending on the line. Some of the services you can use from the biggests companies here are:

Costs for a taxi generally range from 2-6€.

Note: Do not enter a taxi without a taxi meter!

Plan your own trip![edit]

Some interesting sights in Albania:

Consider attending Open Source Conference Albania (OSCAL 2020) which happens less than one week after the Wikimedia Hackathon on May 16th and 17th in Tirana also organized by Open Labs at the same venue

This e-mail address can be used for all inquiries or questions regarding the event.