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Place holder for the Wikimedia Hackathon 2019 Mentoring Program page.

Mentoring Program Discussion and Plan[edit]

Mentoring program plan here:

Email sent to Mentors 15 May, 2019

Helpful Flowchart for your first day![edit]

Navigating a Wikimedia Hackathon Flowchart.png

Mentors / Helpers[edit]

If you plan to be a mentor at the Hackathon, please add yourself here!

Photo / Avatar Name About me (incl. contact information & comments) During the hackathon, we could work on...
EZOUHRI Maroua.jpg Ezouhri Maroua, Ux lead Teal ( IBM & Ocp Jv) Ux Designer, Ambassador at Figma, Licensed professional degrees in Mit Academy / hassan II University, officially certified user from AUTODESK, Organizer in google Womentechmaker & Member of Gdg casablanca, worldwide speaker #Devoxx / #Voxxed, UX consultant & mentor.

u can contact me at


I can help you with:
  • design Thinking
  • create a good experience for your Product
  • build your user interface
  • get familiar with Humane Center Design
  • believe in Human on Humian Computer Interaction
  • HCI / HCD / UX / iX / Ai / UI
  • information Architecture
  • learn about Figma
  • design system
Halfaker, Aaron Sept 2013.jpg
Aaron Halfaker

Halfak & EpochFail

I'm a research scientist who builds stuff and manages a small team at the Wikimedia Foundation. Specifically, I work on building machine learning models to help Wikipedians do their work -- and then run studies to see if they are helpful or not. I can help you with:
  • Finding sciency engineering projects to work on
  • Research and data analysis of wikis and tool usage
  • Setting up a python/flask tool
  • Learning SQL
  • Implementing a tool that uses ORES (our machine prediction service)
  • Getting ORES to make predictions for your wiki
Srishti Sethi Dec 2016.jpg
Srishti Sethi I am a Developer Advocate in the Technical Engagement team at the Wikimedia Foundation. I can help you:
  • Find a newcomer-friendly project to work on at the hackathon
  • Learn about the Wikimedia projects and technical areas
  • Setup the MediaWiki development environment
  • Host your tool on Wikimedia's Toolforge
  • Learn steps to write, deploy a gadget and integrate it with EventLogging
  • Get started with the MediaWiki Action API
  • Learn how to apply to Google Summer of Code or Outreachy programs with Wikimedia
Davis, Bryan Sept 2013.jpg
Bryan Davis I manage the Cloud Services team at the Wikimedia Foundation. I can help you with:
Koerner, Chris January 2017 01.jpg
Chris Koerner I'm a Community Relations Specialist at the Wikimedia Foundation. Ask me anything. I can help you with:
  • Meeting people
  • Learning about Wikimedia history
  • Finding interesting projects at the hackathon (and beyond)
  • Strategies for using the Super Horn to block Blue shells
Tony Thomas I contribute code to MediaWiki extensions mostly. My contributions to MediaWiki are mostly in PHP. I also work on unit testing, so this is something to meet and talk about! IRC: tonythomas, or 01tonythomas[at] Also on telegram at tonythomas01. I work as a Python developer, so that is something I can help on as well. I can help you with:
  1. Python in general.
  2. Setting up MediaWiki development environment. PHPStorm + debugger ?
  3. Writing unit tests for MediaWiki extensions.
  4. Maybe if you are interested - the Newsletter extension ?
  5. Thinking of running a hackathon in your place ? Lets talk.
Cicalese, Cindy March 2018.jpg
Cindy Cicalese (WMF) and Cindy Cicalese (volunteer) I'm the Product Manager for the MediaWiki Platform. I'm also a volunteer MediaWiki extension developer. I can help you with:
  • Meeting people
  • Learning about the many uses of MediaWiki
  • Learning about developing extensions
  • Learning about installing and managing a MediaWiki instance or wiki farm
WMDE-Fisch profile picture.jpg
Christoph Jauera (WMDE) I work for WMDE as software developer mainly on the Technical Wishes Project dealing with extensions and core features there.
WMDE-Fisch @ Phab/Gerrit
CFisch_WMDE @ #wmhack connect

I can help you with:
  • creating your developer account
  • getting familiar with working on MediaWiki core or extension code in general
  • contributing code to one of these projects
  • your setup for tests and code style checks
Schottlender, Moriel March 2014.jpg Moriel Schottlender


I work in the Collaboration team at the Foundation, dealing with front end interfaces and languages! I can help you with:
  • Front end development
  • OOUI
  • Gadgets / user scripts
  • General Javscript / jQuery / CSS
Pchelko, Petr March 2016.jpg Petr Pchelko


I work in the Core Platform team mostly focusing on services I can help you with:
  • Node.js services (Parsoid, Restbase, Mathoid, ...)
  • MediaWiki JobQueue
  • Anything related to event streams
Me pointing at data
Tobias Schönberg


Volunteer with Wikimedia Austria I can help you with:
  • Programming and web development basics
  • Wikidata and its APIs
  • Pywikibot
Lucas Werkmeister, 2017 + WMDE Logo.jpg Lucas Werkmeister (WMDE) I’m a software developer in the Wikidata team at Wikimedia Deutschland.

Lucas_Werkmeister_WMDE on Phabricator

Lucas_WMDE on IRC

lucaswerkmeister on Telegram

I can help you with:
  • working with Wikidata, especially the query service
  • building Toolforge tools, especially using Python
  • PHP development
Tonkovidova, Elena Jan 2015 04.jpg Elena Tonkovidova


I work as a QA engineer in the Growth team and the Language team at the Foundation, dealing with all aspects of QA work I can help you with:
  • answering any general questions relating QA tasks
  • finding help (or specific people) for your interests/projects related to Wikimedia projects
  • setting up local dev environment
  • learning more about various Wikimedia projects
Wikimedia Foundation office camera shy.png YiFei Zhu


I do Toolforge, Quarry, Pywikibot, and Commons I can help you with:
  • Making Toolforge tools / bots
  • Writing SQL queries (and optimizing them)
  • Transcode videos for Commons
  • Debugging that pesky segfault / crash in some C code
Wikimedia Hackathon Vienna 2017-05-19 Mentoring Program Introduction 038.jpg Sam Reed (User:Reedy) Wikimedia Foundation Security Team
  • MediaWiki
  • Wikimedia stuff
  • Finding people
  • AutoWikiBrowser
Željko Filipin 003.jpg Željko Filipin Software Engineer (Contractor), Wikimedia Foundation
  • User:ZFilipin (WMF) at
  • zeljkofilipin at
  • zfilipin at
  • zeljkof at freenode (IRC)
  • zeljkof at telegram
During the hackathon, we could work on...

Check here for mentoring tips and guide

Thank you for being a mentor at the Wikimedia Hackathon!

Welcoming newcomers into the movement is our goal...[edit]

This program will give newcomers the chance to dive into the Wikimedia movement and try out projects that are designed in a way that will give them the chance to hack on something that can be accomplished on that weekend, with the support of experienced Wikimedians as their mentors. While hacking, the newcomers can get to know the Wikimedia movement and see what impact they can have. We would like to create an event which will offer newcomers the opportunity to engage closely with Wikimedia projects. Pre-assigned hacking groups for newcomers will be kept small, with only four to six participants per project. It will be a unique chance for newcomers to get to know some of the coolest projects and coders out there and become part of the Wikimedia community!

... and the mentoring program is just one of many ways to do it.[edit]

While we are especially thankful for everyone who signed up to be a mentor exclusively, we also need people who do not want to take up this pre-defined role, but instead want to keep the flexibility that makes up such a great part of Wikimedia Hackathons. Everyone can give sessions tailored to newcomers and share their skills in whichever way they choose during the hackathon. (See Wikimedia Hackathon 2019 Program for details on how to do this.)

Resources for Newcomers[edit]

If you want to dive deeper into the world of MediaWiki, see Hackathons/Participants#Where can I find more information?