Wikimedia Hackathon 2018/Lessons Learned


Feedback survey background[edit]

  • rfarrand created the feedback survey using qualtrics based on feedback survey questions from past events.
  • The feedback survey was sent out to all participants on May 24, 2018
  • The feedback survey closed on July 9, 2018
  • 105 participants filled out the feedback survey


Please choose your affiliation

How would you describe your overall experience at the Hackathon?

Mentoring Program[edit]

Did you participate in the mentoring and newcomers program

If you participated please rate your overall experience with the mentoring program

Questions for Newcomers[edit]

How useful did you find the sessions for newcomers?

Programs and Collaboration[edit]

How was it to find people to work with?

Did you participate in the volunteering program?


What different tasks did you accomplish during your hackathon time?


Wifi at the UAB Engineering School

Food meeting dietary requirements

Comfort of your hotel (exe Campus Hotel)

Comfort of your hotel (Holiday Inn)

24 hours hacking space

Anything else?[edit]

Attending this event was worth my time

The opportunity to meet fellow developers and Wikimedians was valuable to me

I would like to attend this event again next year.