Wikimedia Hackathon 2018/Intro to Rust


I (Tobias1984 (talk)) have been using Rust for 1/2 a year now and would like to show other new Rustanceans how to get up and running.

The introduction will feature:

  • Install the most recent version of Rust using Rustup
  • Install useful tools using Cargo (ripgrep, exa, ...)
  • Starting libraries and programs using Cargo
  • How to manage dependencies from
  • If time permits we will start a simple command line tool (with clap). That means you might learn a little bit about the core Rust concepts.

How to prepare[edit]

  • Bring a laptop with a text editor and your choice of warm beverage.

What do you have to know[edit]

  • Where the room is
  • What type of warm beverage you like

Time & Location[edit]

  • Sala de projectes (QC0011) 9:00 - 10:00


Sign below if you are interested:

Steps done in the group[edit]

  1. Go to and execute the shell script
  2. See if "cargo" works in the terminal
  3. We installed ripgrep "cargo install ripgrep"
  4. We installed exa: "cargo install exa"
  5. We looked at for other packages
  6. We installed wkdr "cargo install wkdr"
  7. Talked about Rayon:
  8. We started a binary project "cargo init"
  9. Looked at the Cargo.toml
  10. Added clap to the dependencies ( – the current version is 2.31.2)
  11. We run "cargo update" to get the dependencies and write the cargo.lock file
  12. Talked about lifetimes, ownership, borrowing, zero-cost-abstractions.
  13. Talked about Reference counted variable (Rc, mutex)


Counted: 15