Wikimedia Hackathon 2017/Prehackathon Prague


PREHACKATHON IN PRAGUE | 12 – 14 May 2017 | Prague, Czech Republic

The pre-hackathon in Prague will take place between 12 and 14 May 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic, in the office of Wikimedia Czech Republic (coworking space "Svět Hub"). This is exactly 1 week before the main event in Vienna, a few hours ride from Prague. Those receiving a scholarship will be paid a hotel room in Prague until at least the 16th of May and can thus work for 2 more days. The topic of the pre-hackathon will be the Wikimedia Commons android app (source code on GitHub), specifically related to improvement of the "Nearby places that need pictures" feature.

  • Do you want to participate? Register now! Wikimedia Czech Republic is the host of the event and has provided several full scholarships for those who will attend both the prehackathon and the hackathon. If you are planning to attend the hackathon as well, you will need to register separately for that. See here.

Prehackathon program[edit]

Join in the GitHub discussion here, Etherpad here, or IRC on freenode in #wmhack.

Program outline[edit]

Friday 12th[edit]

  • 10 am -12 noon: Introductory session - welcoming and getting to know each other.
    • Josephine introduces the Android app and the codebase (specifically the Nearby feature)
    • Tobias introduces the web app
    • Others: If you have plans to conduct a skill share during this session, please let us know and we will be more than happy to accommodate.
  • Experienced contributors start working on their chosen task. Those who prefer Android dev can work on the Android app, and those who prefer web dev can work on the web app. New contributors will receive help and guidance in getting started.
    • Android: See Android tasks below
    • Web: Wmflabs page to request images and plan campaigns
  • After lunch: Yusuke speaks briefly about the Commons app stats tool

Saturday 13th[edit]

  • Work on chosen task

Sunday 14th[edit]

  • Work on chosen task

Monday 15th[edit]

  • Work on chosen task
  • 4 PM: Short meeting to discuss what we have achieved and plan our next steps during the hackathon and further (possible grant opportunities etc)
  • 6-7:30 PM - evening talk by the WMF Analytics Team

Tuesday 16th[edit]

  • Work on chosen task

Android Tasks[edit]

Main task:

  • Display Nearby results on a map (#334)

Additional tasks to be worked on when main task is complete (in order of priority - no need to finish all of them if time does not permit):

  • Polish and fix any bugs or UI flaws that still exist in the current Nearby implementation (e.g. #278, #527, #502, #508)
  • Resolve high priority issues/bugs (e.g. #510, #310)
  • Work on tasks that would benefit more than usual from being able to collaborate in real-time and obtaining guidance from other devs (my suggestion would be #458, #328, #325, #25)
  • Further enhancements to Nearby (e.g. #463, #252)

Preparing for the pre-hackathon[edit]

In order to maximize the time that we have available for the pre-hackathon, we kindly request that participants attempt the following beforehand. If you encounter any problems with getting the following preparations done, please talk to us on GitHub and we will try to help.

  • Download and install the latest stable version of Android Studio, and the Android SDK
  • Download and install Git (optional recommendation: also install the GitHub Desktop client, this is especially recommended for people who are relatively new to Git)
  • Bring a USB cable and an Android device, or have an Android Virtual Device installed on your computer
  • (Optional but recommended) Fork our GitHub repo and build it on Android Studio

Tentative plans for hackathon[edit]


For the hackathon, the tentative plan is to carry on working on the tasks that could not be completed during the prehackathon. Additionally, there are a few events slated specifically for the hackathon:

  • Open discussion: Commons app - Current state and future plans
  • Discussion with Wikipedia Android app devs to share knowledge and discuss how to reduce technical debt and resolve other stalled issues. Dbrant has kindly offered to help us with this, including learning how to find and fix memory leaks in our app.
  • Recruiting and onboarding new contributors to the Commons app, especially those who are signing up as mentees for the hackathon



Outcomes of the work during the prehackathon and the following hackathon work:

  • Added map of nearby places that need photos
  • Added navigation drawer and logout
  • Fixed critical bug with main contributions screen taking up too much memory
  • Added the ability to change the number of uploads which shows in the main contribution screen
  • Introduced a few new contributors to the project
  • Produced and distributed leaflets to introduce new users to the app
  • Added Leak Canary integration to find memory leaks
  • Fix the label issues in the list view of nearby
  • Add upload date and coordinates to image description


  • - Wikimedia Czech Republic - general inquiries
  • (misaochan) - Commons Android app maintainer - app-specific enquiries