Wikimedia Hackathon 2017/Participants


19 – 21 May 2017 | Vienna, Austria



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Add to or edit your information as you like. The intention of this page it to enable participants to begin coordinating on projects with each other in advance of the hackathon. Use the participant provided contact channels and/or the telegram group (join via

Name Comments & Contact Information Are you a newcomer who would like to join the mentoring program?
_joe_ I work in the ops team at the WMF, I'm happy to collaborate on infrastructural hacks. You can find me on freenode, nick _joe_
0x010C French Wikipedia admin, photographer, gadget developer, experience in JS, python and Lua.
Interested by continuing to develop JS gadgets using the Kartographer extension.
IRC: kiwi_0x010C on freenode ⋅ Github: 0x010C ⋅ Twitter: @0x010C
1Veertje / Vera de Kok Wikimedia Commons admin, event photography, Wiki Loves Monuments, web scraping
Aaron Halfaker

(User:EpochFail, halfak)

Research, science, machine learning, intelligent wiki tools, mentoring newcomers

Adam Shorland

Ad Huikeshoven Dutch Wikipedia (nl.wp) editor. Play with, and test Vagrant (roles). On Dutch Wikipedia the multiple slug (phab:T107745) or excessive whitespace in Visual Edit mode blocks furher adoption of VE. Looking forward to meet people how to tackle this problem, for example specifying a project and raising external funds through a grant application to outsource coding.
Alangi Derick Twitter: AlangiDerick, Github:, IRC nick on Freenode: d3r1ck
Denisa Ruçaj Student

Wikipedian Passionate about Free Knowledge, Linux, Open Source, Nature, Diversity... email: rucaj.d@gmail twitter contact: @RucajDenisa

Amir Sarabadani (User:Ladsgroup, Amir1@IRC) Wikidata, ORES, mediawiki, OOUI, Colors, pywikibot
Andre Č. Klapper

Phabricator | Technical Community Metrics

Technical Collaboration; Phabricator; Technical Community Metrics
Andrew Bogott I am an Operations Engineer for Wikimedia Labs
Antonio J. Roa-Valverde Cofounder of the Droidhood Foundation. Experience with Android and Python. I have worked with Wiktionary previously and would like to continue working on it if possible. @6020peaks YES
Arzhel New network engineer at WMF; XioNoX on IRC
aude Wikidata
Avner Kantor Research, Analytics
Bartosz Dziewoński

(Matma Rex)

Software engineer at WMF Editing department. I work on VisualEditor and boring user interface stuff. I used to write gadgets and tools and such. Contact:, MatmaRex on IRC

Bohdan Melnychuk

Bernd "bearND" Sitzmann Node.js services, Reading infrastructure, Android apps
Birgit Müller, Wikimedia Deutschland Community Communications Manager at WMDE's software development department, contact via talk page or on IRC: Birgit_WMDE
Boris Floka
Brad Jorsch / Anomie
Brian Wolff - [[User:Bawolff]]
Brion Vibber MediaWiki core stuff! Video stuff!
Bryan Davis

BDavis (WMF) / bd808

Interested in helping people having problems with MediaWiki-Vagrant, Labs, Tool Labs. Ask me about writing documentation!
Bunyk Taras (User:Bunyk) Python, JavaScript developer.
Carolyn Li-Madeo, WMF iOS Designer on WMF's Reading team. On IRC as climadeo and phabr as cmadeo.
Chase Pettet
Chelsy Xie, Wikimedia Foundation Data Analyst in WMF's Discovery department
C̡̰h̯̙͜r̮̻̱̼̪is̸̘̦̟̻ ҉̫̩̠K͏̱o̜̮̹̱̱̩͟e̷͕̩͉̣̩̯̹r͖̠̫̪̹͝n̗̥̣̤͙̰̟e̷͔r̠͍̲ Community and MediaWiki nerd who loves meeting new folks - feel free to email me if you'd like to chat
CirrusSearch Working on the CirrusSearch extension
Clemens Software Engineer -
ClemFlip Wikifab co-founder
Corey Floyd Apps, Services, Mobile, Notifications
Cristina Interested in publishing practices, automation, collaborative software
Dafna the Cool I write bots using the pywikibot API that unify the appearance of the Hebrew Wiktionary. I also like playing chess.
Dan Andreescu


Analytics team at WMF, data, visualization, community backlogs and metrics, UI/UX.
Dan Garry
Daniel Kinzler

Wikidata / ArchCom

Principal Platform Engineer at Wikimedia Germany
Daniel Mietchen

Wikimedia and research

interested in the interactions between Wikimedia and research;

@EvoMRI on Twitter

Danny B. | making contributing easier™ gadgets, scripts, stylesheets, modules, structured data, datamining and further tools
Danny Horn

WMF Community Tech

Sr Product Manager for the WMF Community Tech team
Dario Taraborelli

Wikimedia Research

David Chan

DChan_(WMF) VisualEditor

VisualEditor, i18n
David Lynch


Derk-Jan Hartman

User:TheDJ / @dj_hartman

Dinu Kumarasiri


I am a part time master's student, software engineer, open source enthusiast, wikidata item editor, mediawiki translator, sinhala wikipedia article writer and newcomer to wikimedia mobile development. I am also a quora answer writer and most viewed in "Open Source Projects" and "Google Summer of Code''.

Twitter: @sandarumk Wikimedia: Sandaru LinkedIn: Github:

Dmitry Brant (User:DBrant (WMF)) If you're interested in user experience on mobile devices (especially Android), offline access, and the future of contributions on mobile, come and find me!
Ed Sanders

VisualEditor (WMF)

Elena Tonkovidova (WMF) QA QA Analyst
Elisabeth Ripper Cofounder to the Droidhood Foundation. Experience with Python. @DroidhoodOrg YES
Erik Bernhardson


CirrusSearch, Machine Learning
Erika Bjune | WMF
Faidon Liambotis Technical Operations, IRC: paravoid
Federico Leva


i18n, crosswiki, community,, WMIT. Find me on IRC. See also the mentoring page ideas.

I'm staying at the i18n table in the Gurkerl room (first table in the second room upstairs).

Felipe Schenone


All-around Wikimedian and professional web developer specialized in MediaWiki. Active on the Spanish and English Wikipedia, the Spanish and English Wikiversity, Commons and MediaWiki. I contribute content, documentation, templates, software, extensions, gadgets, projects, whatever. Philosopher by training, developer by trade.
Filippo Giunchedi
Florian Preinstorfer IRC: notizblock yes
Fotis Fotis is a Computer Engineer Student and an Android Developer. He enjoys being involved in community-oriented events and attending conferences and meetups. Yes
Gabriel Birke, Wikimedia Germany WMDE Fundraising tech team, also working on technical wishes. Twitter: @chiborg,
Gabriel Wicke (gwicke)

Services @Wikimedia, REST API, distributed systems

Managing services team @wikimedia. Happy to talk APIs, services, distributed systems.
Gilles Dubuc Performance
Ginger H.


Anthropology-archaeology major, frequently mistaken for an art major; conversationally fluent in German;
Greg Grossmeier

Greg (WMF) / greg-g

Hello i am Rosalie I am an African girl interested in Opensouce contibuting and Programing, you can say hello at
Henrique Andrade


Researcher from Brazil mainly interested in data analysis and tech community building.

MediaWiki Stakeholders

Andrew Hughes-Onslow (kalpaitch) Obscure PHP dev -
IRC: Pchelolo WMF Services Team
Isaac Hutt (mhutti1) | Kiwix Kiwix Android Developer, Student at Imperial College London
Isarra Yos

of Wikipedmediawikiwiki Project X

MediaWiki skin and extension developer, I am do design a wiki
Iulian Birlica

student @

Student with a passion for programming and CTF games.

You can find me at or on facebook

Jakob Warkotsch
James D. Forrester Helping people build the very best tools for new and existing editors alike.
James Hare / Harej Interested in online collaboration, WikiProjects, Wikidata, source metadata, puppies
Jan Dittrich UX Design, (Qualitative) User Research, Statistics, opensourcedesign. Also minor HTML/CSS, R. A bit vue.js. Jan’s Github
Jan Drewniak

UX Engineer (WMF)

Jean-Rene Branaa
Jenkins && Python
Jens Nauber Libraries, Open Data, Wikidata
Jens Ohlig
Joseph Allemandou


Analytics team at WMF, distributed computing and scalalibility.
JOE Matazzoni | WMF Collaboration Team product mgr WMF Collaboration Team product manager. Most recent project: Edit Review Improvements, including predictive filters powered by ORES. Home: San Francisco Bay Area (Marin). Username: Jmatazzoni (WMF)

John Lubbock


Wikimedia UK Communications Coordinator
Jon mobile, trending
Jonas Kress Wikidata team
Jonathan Morgan, Design Researcher @ WMF I'm a design researcher. Ask me about how to make your software more useful and usable for the audience you're building it for. Contact me at
Josephine Lim I'm the current maintainer and main developer of the Commons Android app
Justin Du

HS Student from Memphis, TN

Interested in learning as much as I can. :)

IRC - MtDu Telegram - Facebook -

Kaldari Engineering manager for Community Tech team
Katie Horn

Director of Discovery and Fundraising Tech

Kimmo Virtanen / Zache I am fiwiki admin, coder, member of the GLAMPipe project
Kiwix Developer


@rashiq on twitter

Tim Alder

Maps, OSM, Data Analytics, renewable energy


I work at Travis Foundation and run Rails Girls Summer of Code — a 3-month scholarship program to support women in the Open Source community. I have a background in the visual arts and have experience with css, html, ruby, some python. Can probably also get acquainted with php if needed ;) I'd love to work on front-end tasks or something small to get me acquainted with the platform. yes
Léa Lacroix (WMDE) Community Manager for Wikidata
Lea Voget (WMDE) Product Manager of the Technical Wishlist of the German-speaking community. Interested in talking about the RevisionSlider, EditConflicts, AdvancedSearch, wikidiff2 and the diff engines in general, importing files to Commons and of course about the upcoming German-speaking Technical Wishes survey :)
Leszek Manicki

Wikimedia Deutschland

Lucas Werkmeister


mainly interested in Wikidata; runs @WikidataFacts on Twitter


Wikidata, ArticlePlaceholder, Research
Lydia Pintscher


happy to talk about all things Wikidata and help you get started
Maarten Dammers


Madhu Viswanathan Ops Engineer on the Wikimedia Cloud Services (Labs) team, talk to me at madhuvishy on #freenode.
Marco T. Avila Software Engineering, Java
Marios Magioladitis

AutoWikiBrowser (AWB)

Developer of AutoWikiBrowser. Knows C#, Python, PHP.
Marius Hoch (hoo)

Hoo man

Mark Hershberger

NicheWork LLC

#MWStake, co-founder
Markus Glaser (MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group) MediaWiki for 3rd parties. Organizer of the track "Fantastic MediaWikis" at the Hackathon
Máté Szabó Wikia profile:
Matthew Flaschen

Software Engineer, Collaboration team, WMF

Edit Review Improvements/RCFilters, MediaWiki-Vagrant, Flow, GuidedTour, gadgets, Code of Conduct
Maxime Lathuilière (@maxlath) Main project:

Wikidata tools: wikidata-sdk / wikidata-cli / wikidata-edit / wikidata-filter / wikidata-subset-search-engine / import-wikidata-dump-to-couchdb

May Cubelo

(User: MJPCubelo)

I am a newbie in Wikimedia...

Studied Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

I'll be joining the mentoring program.

Megan Neisler
Michael Schönitzer Volunteer in dewiki and working student for WMDE (communications technical Wishes). Will probably hack on Deepcat, Bots to switch dewiki to UCA and analysis of userscript usage.
Mikhail Popov, Wikimedia Foundation Data Analyst in WMF's Discovery department; specializing in data visualization and R/Shiny application development (e.g. dashboards)
Moriel Schottlender

Collaboration Team, Wikimedia Foundation

Collaboration team
MusikAnimal (Leon) Community Tech engineer. I like all things tools, bots, gadgets and user scripts. ¡Si puedes, habla conmigo en español!
Nathaniel Schaaf


Neslihan I graduated this year from CSE bachelor. I was Outreachy intern of Wikimedia for WikiRadio project for round 13. Currently I contribute to commons android application and continue to develop WikiRadio application too. Mostly I work on Android and Java but I have familiarity to some other technologies too as all CS student. I am a GNU/Linux lover and a privacy and woman rights activist.
Jakob Voß (nichtich) Very active in the Wikimedia and German Wikipedia Community especially 2003-2006. Developer in a German library service since then, also doing a research and regular talks. Now more and more active in Wikidata, e.g. I have build some Wikidata command line clients. Documentation & Testing, PHP, Perl, Python, Javascript...
Niharika Kohli. Community Tech team engineer.

Making your wildest wiki wishes come true since 2016!

Community Tech engineer; Twitter handle: @niharikakohli29
Nikerabbit translation tools, i18n

I'm staying at the i18n table in the Gurkerl room (first table in the second room upstairs).



Design Manager, Reading
Odysseas (Ody) Kristalakos

CS Student, Thessaloniki

Informatics student, open source enthusiast and wannabe AI researcher. Strong at Python and Javascript.
Olga Product Manager - Reading Web
Paweł Marynowski / @Yarl JavaScript, apps on top of Wikidata, file upload tools
Pau Giner Designer for several Wikimedia projects, especially about Language and Collaboration.
Performance Performance Performance
Peter Kraker

Open Knowledge Maps
Petr Bena

User:Petrb, petan (IRC)

petan on IRC, Huggle and wm-bot dev
Piotr Miazga irc: raynor
Quiddity / Nick Community, Software, Design, Communication, Collaboration
Rachel Farrand


Vienna Hackathon program organizer, WMF Developer Relations team
Riccardo Coccioli (volans) WMF Technical Operations, IRC: volans
Richard Heigl

Hallo Welt!

MediaWiki as open source standard software, third party users, MediaWiki Stakeholders, BlueSpice.
Rita Ho

UX Designer

Android designer on the Reading team.
Roan Kattouw (Catrope)

Wikimedia Foundation

Collaboration team lead
Rummana Yasmeen

RYasmeen (WMF)

Sam Reed (Reedy)
Sam Wilson

Community Tech team

I'm a PHP developer from Fremantle, Western Australia, interested in anything wiki-related but especially Wikisource and bibliographic data. Contact me on IRC or any of my user talk pages.
Sandra Fauconnier m:User:Spinster
  • Art historian, very active GLAM-Wikidata editor, scrapes websites, uses OpenRefine and adds data to Wikidata in bulk
  • Learning Python but not very proficient yet. Does everything with off-the-shelf tools/software.
  • Would like to learn the mechanics behind bot operation on Wikimedia projects
  • Very good at providing feedback on tools and interface from an end user's perspective. Ask/consult me!!
  • Will probably participate in the Wikidata documentation sprint
  • Interested to meet up with anyone working on GLAM-related projects
Yes, both as mentor and 'pupil', see profile on the left
Seb35 MediaWiki gnome
Sébastien Santoro


Can be contacted on IRC.
Sergey Leschina (putnik)
Siebrand Mazeland

i18n, L10n, translation
Sjoerd de Bruin
Sky xe Organizer of DADD-INITIATIVE ( and interested in supporting wikidata projects and would like to know more about wikimedia projects and technical issues
Software Developer at Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.
Srishti Sethi Developer Advocate, Wikimedia Foundation In my work at the Wikimedia Foundation, I help lead the efforts of the Technical Collaboration team to engage volunteer developers in our software projects and to grow our technical community. I'm responsible for supporting the community and developer wishlist tasks at the hackathon. If you would like to have a conversation around any of these topics, come and talk to me.
Stas Malyshev
Stefan Schubert
stefankasberger Open Science, ContentMine, Wikidata
Thalia Chan
thcipriani – Deployment Tooling, CI, Release Engineering
Thiemo Mättig


German Wikipedian, working on Wikidata for Wikimedia Deutschland
Thomas Tanon (Tpt)

Wikisource, Wikidata

Wikisource, Wikidata, Platypus
Tim Starling

Wikimedia Foundation

Timo Tijhof


Tisza Gergő (Tgr)

WMF Reading, WM-HU

Profile / contact options:

Bio: Interests: DX, authentication (AuthManager, OAuth), security, MediaWiki architecture and governance

Tobi Gritschacher

(Engineering Manager at WMDE)

Interested in Agile, Community Wishlist, Browsertests, Wikidata

IRC & Phabricator: Tobi_WMDE_SW

Tobias Interested in Wikidata, automating boring stuff, good data and easy user interfaces.
tonythomas Newsletter Extension, GSoC
Trey Jones

WMF / Discovery Search

I'm interested in NLP, language, search, and unsuccessful wiki queries.
Benoît Evellin

Trizek (WMF) - Community Liaison

Victoria Coleman
Vivek Maskara I recently graduated as a Software Engineer and have joined Zeta, a relatively new business unit of Directi, as a full-time Android developer. I love writing code on all levels – as a single developer during late night hours and weekends, as a freelancer, and as a part of well-organized teams. I regularly blog on various topics that I come across during development to help beginners with it. Check out my profile on Please feel free to contact me via email at
Volker E. User Experience Engineer, leading User Interface Standardization efforts, less hurdles/more power to the users! Happy to help on UX, UI, front-end coding, accessibility
Wikifab co-founder Wikifab co-founder
Christoph Jauera

(Software Developer at WMDE)

Technical Wishes Project, DeepCat, RevisionSilder, Mention Notifications, Two Column Edit Conflict View

WMDE-Fisch, CFisch_WMDE on IRC


Team Practices Group

WMF | Reading team | Designer | iOS Designer on the Reading team for the iOS app
WMF Traffic Operations Engineer
Yusuke (User:Whym)

Pywikibot & Commons Android

Pywikibot contributor & Commons App (Android) contributor. Familiar with Java, Python and Ruby.
Zack user:zack_wadghiri
Željko Filipin Background: Freelance software engineer. International contractor at the Wikimedia Foundation.

Interests: Test automation, Selenium, continuous integration. Contact: zeljkof at #wikimedia-releng (IRC, freenode)

Ziko van Dijk (WMNL)
Ibrahim Ikhlawi wikidata, mediawiki, boots, contact:
Ashot (user:ԱշոտՏՆՂ) This is my Facebook account ( Some experience with Python, Lua and JavaScript.
Avner Kantor R programmer, a research fellow of the internet research center in Haifa nniveristy
Narek Avetisyan, Wikimedia Armenia I’m a Web developer at Sparro and editor-in-chief at the Armenian website of English Premier League.
Isaac Hutt Android Developer on Kiwix
Tom (TArrow) Developer for WikiFactMine
Volker E. | UI Standardization
Software Consultant/Developer
Man 77 // Manuel
Caroline Becker Wikidata, Commons, Structured metadata
Pierre-Selim Evaluation, Gap of Content
John Wikimedia UK staff member, interested in improving the Commons Uploader
Magdalena Reiter WM Austria, designer & newbie in media wiki YES
Renate Nuppenau
André Costa (Wikimedia Sverige)


Herzi Pinki (AT)
Alicia Fagerving (Wikimedia Sverige)
@Yarl / Paweł Marynowski Wiki Loves Monuments international team
Sebastian Berlin (WMSE)
Herbert Gassner
Data Scientist // Statistician I specialize in Bayesian inference, data visualization, and R/Shiny applications. I also do some web design/development.
Wikimedia CH Simone (contact Nemo)
Wikimedia CH alessandro (contact Nemo)
Wikimedia CH

Ironhack 2015/Sebastian

(contact Nemo)
Michael Barylak

(QM at ESA)

Quality Manager at ESA, Open S/W in general - Linux & SMW particularly
H3110FR7End Interested in programming, specifically AI and Game Development
Michael Interested in programming - just a beginner though
AleXXw / Alexander Wagner
John Samuel
commons:Commons:Locator-tool, osm-gadget-leaflet, JOSM wikipedia plugin, imgs2commons for commons:Template:Volare,
Tamás Mészöly

Wikimedia Hungary

ORES, software localization
jackie sys admin using lots of mediawikis; loves doing workshops on tech stuff; queer*feminist attitude; contacts at or see my user page here User:jackie_a_k yes; both as mentor and learner; see Mentoring Program
Ibrahim Ikhlawi
Pierre - Team Wikifab
Dev Padawan Geisa Dev Padawan in Ruby & Python - Rails Girls & PyLadies organizer - Interests in Games, InfoSec & Diversity - Contact:
Joaquin Web engineer, Javascript programmer
T Shrinivasan Free Software Evangelist, Blogger, Photographer, Ebooks Publisher at
angela Designer, social scientist, curious and new here. Twitter: @krrrhx

(beginner: I am doing okay at keeping my own blogs/websites, but that's pretty much it. I started messing around with Python earlier this year)

Finn Årup Nielsen
Allerlei :: Klaudia media literacy & content creation with focus on free software & open ressources yes
Maximilian Bachl
Sonja Fischbauer


Robert Vogel

Hallo Welt! GmbH / BlueSpice

Liberaler Humanist
Thomas Ledl
Markus Glaser

MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group, BlueSpice

Mediawiki Stakeholders' Group
Daniel Franco

Engineering School (UAB)

Beppo Stuhl

BadPractice IT guy, reasonable paranoid,
Andrew Lih / User:Fuzheado Video, citations, Wikipedia Space
Martin Rulsch/DerHexer

Wikimedia Steward

Wikimedia Steward


studying mathematics, experienced with matlab and c++, learning fortran, really curious about the hackathon yes
Balázs Úr
Pablo Grass (WMDE) yes
Balázs Meskó
Linda (WMDE)
Toni Hermoso Wikimedian. Bioinformatician. Web developer. Interested in Open Science and Open Culture
Adam Baso (dr0ptp4kt)
ente XMPP:
Abbas Salamat (Elph)
Laurentius Some experience with python. Yes
Cristina Cochior researcher and designer becoming familiar with Python, some experience with Mediawikis. Contact: (XMPP), Yes
Luca Landucci web developer in php/mysql Yes


teaching bioinformatics, experienced in c#, java

focus on android

interested in python, machine learning

MrSteff IT student; experienced in Java and Linux-administration; interested in semantic web and machine learning Yes
Hoang Kieu interested in Java, JavaScript, Android YES
Filippo Giunchedi I work at WMF's TechOps team. Would be happy to chat and hack on swift/monitoring/etc. IRC: godog
Simeona Cruz YES

Phabricator workboards:
Wikimedia-Hackathon-2017 (you can add your own hackathon projects here)
Wikimedia-Hackathon-2017-Organization (check out what the organizers are working on)
Guide Hackathon 2017 (you get a printed version at the information and registration desk)

Telegram Group Chat

Use Telegram to communicate with others!
To enhance the social experience among participants, we have created a Telegram Group Chat "Wikimedia Hackathon" @wmhack, which everyone can join via
We do not save your phone number! We will share news and updates from the organisers’ side via the group, but you can also use it for your ideas, suggestions and organizing yourself.
Set it up in 2 minutes: (If you have Telegram already, you can skip step 1)
  1. Install the Telegram app for your platform (direct links here: Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone, macOS, PC/Mac/Linux)
  2. Click the invitation-link to join the group chat directly: (this is a shortened url which converts to:
    • or access via
    • or find the group chat by searching for "wmhack" or "Wikimedia Hackathon" directly within the app

Facebook Event

Wikimedia Hackathon 2017 on Facebook


Event Blogging[edit]

Feel free to add more!

Event Photography[edit]

Feel free to add more!

Three Steps to Prepare for the Wikimedia Hackathon[edit]

If you want to be ready for the Wikimedia Hackathon 2017, take these three steps to be prepared!

Step 1: Review Documentation[edit]


This is the main wiki-page for the event:

There are 6 sub pages in total that you should review and read through all the links:

  • Program: schedule of sessions and events, learn how to schedule sessions of your own. Review our mentoring program page, especially if you are a newcomer or a mentor!
  • Venue & Vienna: Photos and maps of the venue, descriptions of the rooms, details about the hotel and city.
  • Travel: General transportation and visa information
  • Participants: an editable list of all the participants and information about each participant, different ways to volunteer at the event, our organizing team, our sponsors.


During the hackathon, we use the web-based, software development collaboration tool suite Phabricator.

This is the main work-board:, where you can view possible projects, sessions, skill shares and other hackathon activities

Step 2: Connect & Setup[edit]

  • Join IRC: This is the main communication channel that our developer community uses.
    • Install an IRC client or use IRC in your browser: Go to channel #wmhack on, add a Nickname (ex: "yourname"), click the check box to prove you're not a robot, click "Connect" and you are in our channel!
  • Join our Telegram Group Chat: To enhance the social experience among participants, we have created a Telegram Group Chat "Wikimedia Hackathon" @wmhack, which everyone can join via

Step 3: Meet & Introduce[edit]

  • Add yourself to the Participant List. If you are already on it, please check again and edit accordingly. Add or edit: 
    • your name / nickname
    • your contact details (website, github, twitter, etc.) and your experience with programming and your interests for the weekend! (E.g.: I have experience with Python, and am interested in working on a project about Wikidata for the weekend).  
    • If you are a newcomer who would like to to join the mentoring program, write "YES" in the according column
  • Introduce yourself on Telegram and IRC - just say hi!
  • Ask any remaining questions on Telegram and IRC, contact other participants directly or contact the team via hackathon(at)
  • Subscribe to any hackathon related Phabricator tasks you might be interested or create your own task.
  • List yourself under ‘Interested member(s)’ column for one of the featured tasks on the wiki or add your own idea.

Volunteer During the Hackathon[edit]

Mentoring Program[edit]

For this year’s Hackathon we will be implementing a mentoring program for newcomers to our movement. The mentoring program is a new approach that we are trying out for the first time, where we were looking for Wikimedians who will be at the hackathon exclusively as mentors. They will come up with newcomer-friendly projects and ideas and, during the whole weekend, work with groups of about two to six newcomers, to help them with the whole onboarding process, and make their way into the great Wikimedia tech community as easy and as much fun as possible. The focus is to welcome more newcomers into the community, by introducing them to the different aspects of working with MediaWiki, and help them achieve their own first steps during the hackathon weekend. Additionally, we want to create a welcoming social atmosphere, so we can further diversity and growth in our community.

Event Photography[edit]

Event photography means taking photos during the hackathon and uploading them to Wikimedia Commons.

All participants who didn’t agree to have their picture taken are recognizable by special orange lanyards with a “no-photo” print on them.

The regular lanyards are black.

Please put all of your hackathon images uploaded to Wikimedia Commons into the Category:Wikimedia Hackathon Vienna 2017 (or, even better, into fitting subcategories). If you have any questions regarding photography during the hackathon, please reach out to User:Tsui.

Event Blogging[edit]

Event blogging means publishing your personal experiences and impression of the hackathon. We have a special section here, which you can use to put links to your personal blog page, or to your user subpage, or a Wikipedia Signpost article that you contributed to, or to your public social media entries (use #wmhack) etc.

If you manage to do this even during the hackathon, and not only afterwards, more people will enjoy it!


As a host, please approach other participants proactively, especially at social events and during mealtime - make sure that nobody feels left out just because he or she doesn’t know many other participants yet. Get familiar with our friendly space policy and the code of conduct for Wikimedia technical spaces as well as with the floor plan and the event management team’s faces. This will support you with helping others.  

Mid-event Wiki-updates[edit]

For the mid-event wiki-updates, please occasionally wander around the hackathon, ask people what they are working on and add/assist with adding the projects to the wiki. Your task is to make sure that the projects are documented. Please also remind other participants to sign up for the hackathon showcase, and to write ongoing topics on their table's sign.

Post-event Note / Outcome Checking[edit]

Post-event note / outcome checking means to help to review documentation after the event, e.g. on Phabricator. You would help to make sure everything is clear and organized, and that next steps have owners.

Emails to Attendees[edit]

Email #1: 2 weeks before[edit]

Sent: May 3 2017

Subject: Wikimedia Hackathon 2017: Program, Connect & More

Hello Wikimedia Hackathon 2017 Participants,

The Wikimedia Hackathon 2017 is less than 3 weeks away, and we look forward to welcoming you to Vienna, Austria on May 19th, 2017!

If you are receiving this email and are not planning to attend the Wikimedia Hackathon, or if the days you can or cannot attend have changed, please help us out and email

Contribute to the Program Before the Hackathon

Learn more about how you can contribute in advance:

We are especially interested in supporting sessions that will help new-to-Wikimedia developers.

Volunteering During the Hackathon

Many hackathon attendees agreed during registration to volunteer in various ways, to help make the hackathon great! Thank you for this. You can review the volunteer roles here: Hackathon 2017/Participants#Volunteer During the Hackathon

Connect with Other Attendees

Please take a moment to review your public participant information, and change or add to it as you like. It also might be a good opportunity to reach out and contact anyone you are interested in collaborating with in advance of the event. If you would like to contact a participant, but do not have their contact information, you can email and we will help you out.  

Safe Space

We take our friendly space policy and code of conduct very seriously. All participants have agreed to the Friendly Space Policy in their registrations and the Code of Conduct will be in effect at this event. If you have any questions or concerns about the policy, please let us know.

Payment Information

For everyone who will be paying for their rooms at the hackathon venue privately: We will get in touch with you directly in a following email, and send you information on the payment process.

The next email will have more information on scheduling, logistics, the opening and project showcase and more.

Please address all questions to: and continue to follow for changes and updates.

Thanks, we look forward to seeing you soon!  

Your Hackathon Organizing Team

Email #2: 1 week before[edit]

Sent: May 12 2017

Subject: Wikimedia Hackathon 2017: Scheduling Sessions, City Tours & More

Hello Wikimedia Hackathon 2017 participants,

The Hackathon is 1 week away!

Please take a moment to read through this second informational email.

Scheduling Sessions

Participants are now welcome to begin scheduling sessions or trainings that they would like to organize and run at the Hackathon. Scheduling instructions and the program can be found here:

If session organizers need any extra setup help, printing or supplies for their sessions please email the organizing team as soon as possible.

Three Steps to Participate

Especially if this is your first hackathon, here are three steps you can follow before the event starts to be ready to participate and communicate when you arrive!

Register for City Tours

Five Austrian Wikimedians will guide you  through the historic centre of Vienna (Thursday and Sunday afternoon) and the Zentralfriedhof, Vienna’s main cemetery (Thursday afternoon), sharing their personal perspective on the city. The number of participants is limited, please register for the city tours with your signature on the program page:

Telegram / IRC

We will be using IRC channel #wmhack and Telegram Group Chat to communicate with participants throughout the event with reminders and updates.

As usual, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us. On behalf of the Hackathon organizing team, we wish you all easy travels to Vienna :)

Your Hackathon Organizing Team

Email #3: 2 days before[edit]

Sent: May 17 2017

Subject: Subject: Wikimedia Hackathon 2017: Welcome to Vienna!

Hello Wikimedia Hackathon 2017 Participants,

Welcome to Vienna! We are looking forward to the start of the Hackathon! Here is some final information for you about the Hackathon.

Opening / Open Mic

The opening of the Hackathon will be tomorrow at 10:00 at JUFA. There will be an opportunity during the opening for participants to make announcements about sessions, projects or help needed to other participants. So come prepared!

Hackathon Showcase

In the afternoon on the last day of the Hackathon we will be holding a showcase which will include short 1-2 minute long presentations on many of the projects that were completed at the Hackathon. Make sure to keep the showcase in mind as you are working and be prepared to demo or explain your group’s work. Showcase signups will be sent out to all participants on Saturday.

Transportation and Weather Tips

You can buy single tickets and other (72 h, weekly) passes at the ticket machines or online. If you plan to stay at the venue most of the weekend, single tickets will probably be the best deal. Wiener Linien also has an online app for Android and Apple.  The app “Wiener Linien” is for buying tickets. For route information for public transport, use the app “qando”. You won’t find information on public transport in Vienna featured on Google Maps, even though there is plenty. In case you arrive at the Vienna airport, please note that the City Airport Train (CAT) is only 10 minutes faster and much more expensive (12,00€ one way). We recommend to take the S7 S-train line instead. Cost of a one way ticket to the venue is 3,90€.

There is a chance of rain on Sunday morning so please come prepared!

Vienna Calling - Get into the Groove!

Need a soundtrack for your trip to Vienna? Here are some recommendations :-)

Falco: “Vienna Calling”  Leonhard Cohen "Take this Waltz"

Billy Joel: “Vienna”  

Ultravox: “Vienna”

Erwin&Edwin feat. Alix “Wien”

Social and Side Events

Hackathon participants are welcome to continue hacking into the nights, however if you would like a break and want to socialize with other participants we have a series of social events to keep you entertained in the evenings.

In case of a TRUE emergency, please call the Hackathon emergency number: +43 699 141 28615 During the evenings and nights this number should not be used for general inquiries.

Again, please review the Friendly Space Policy in advance of the event.

See you very soon!

Hackathon organizing team



Event management[edit]

Scholarship committee[edit]



St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences

University of Applied Sciences FH Technikum Wien

SaaS Web Internet Solutions

ISPA - Internet Service Providers Austria


List of sponsors including logos


This e-mail address can be used for all inquiries or questions regarding the event.