Wikimedia Engineering Productivity Team/Read papers and talk/2020-12-07

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Add questions to Lars here, to be answered after presentation[edit]


  • Zeljko: this one was hard to read
  • Liw: my memory is that this was short and easy but that was in contrast to openid connect
    • One of my side projects is explaining this as I wish someone would have explained it to me
  • Elena: + presentation is useful
  • LIW: good practice for authentication service provider to remind people. It would be nice to have a time-limited authorization; i.e., I authorize this for 3 months.
  • Zeljko: I remember giving username and password in the past
  • LIW: OpenID Connect is built ontop of oauth2. These things are not beginner friendly. SAML is awful :)
  • general discussion about how the internet's now terrible
  • Enabled by default on all wikis (except private wikis), abused by phab