Wikimedia Discovery/Meetings/Portal retrospective 2016-08-24

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This retrospective was conducted using the "Five finger retrospective" format:

Action Items from last month[edit]

  • Deb: send out email RfC for language dropdown and chat up the new updated page design
    • if all goes well, push it into production in next few weeks
    • Yes Done!
  • Kevin: Carry idea of a/b test retros over to the search team
    • Yes Done (added a checklist item to the A/B test process)
  • Kevin: Continue to work on timely code reviews
    • Yes Done (Got Trey involved a bit)
  • Chris: Communicate that after we wrap up a few things on the portal that we'll take a bit of a less active role on the portal for a while (focus on accomplishments so far)
    • Yes Done
    • Deb has updated Portal pages and Dan/Katie sent out email to Discovery email list
  • Mikhail: provide some data (related to the portal de-emphasisication) (ticket has already been created)

What happened since the last retro (July 7)[edit]

  • Updated with new page layout (Aug 16)
    • had a blog post about the release as well as twitter and facebook postings as well (Great job with that!)
    • Mikhail wrote up a comprehensive summary of the work we did on the portal:
  • Added 'refined' descriptive text for sister projects (in production)
  • Added ability to ingest new translations for the portal page (almost completely ready)
  • Fixed and deployed a few minor bugs and updated stats (done and will do again shortly)
  • Added portal translations to
  • (Almost done with) Languages visited (from Portal) panels on dashboard
  • Chelsy reproduced the results from an earlier session lengths analysis but this time for last month's data and the results look almost the same

Thumb: Thumbs up--something that went well[edit]

  • Community reaction to new page layout
    • mostly good and positive - especially the fb and twitter posts
    • Even the folks who don't like it are being civil +1
  • Cooperation that we had with Comms (Ed and Jeff) was great!
  • Jan did some wonderful work helping with community involvement and answering of questions related to the new layout
  • Jan also did the wonderful work of finalizing the layout design! Yay!
  • Jan quickly updated the new tickets that addressed a few things that the community requested after the layout release

Index finger: The ONE thing you want people to know about the last month[edit]

  • The portal layout talk page, with involvment from community and team members, significantly improved the final design.
  • new portal layout was (seemingly) well received but community is upset that we're not going further with it now - mostly around smaller language wiki's and trying to highlight them
    • would be helped by adding in the translatewiki language by region/country idea that we have for the portal

Middle finger: Something that did not go well[edit]

  • Didn't research page views within 60 days of the huge increase :( -1 :(
    • we'd like to toot our own horn but unsure of the reason for the increase
  • discovered community translations can sometimes be wrong (or misinterpreted ) :/

Ring finger: Something about relationships--within the team, between teams, other[edit]

  • Onboarding of Chelsy is ongoing and seems to be doing well
  • Translate folks eager to help get portal into translatewiki.
  • Mikhail and Chelsy found interesting things on the 'why' of some of the page view increases - good teamwork

Pinky: A little thing (good or bad) that would be easy to overlook, or that was overlooked[edit]

  • The pre-onboarding work that was done by Mikhail to be sure that Chelsy had everything she needed to get started(Thanks!)
  • Mikhails amazing language breakdown of the portal, in response to community concerns+1

Action items[edit]

  • Kevin: Should this be the last portal retro for a while?
    • yes, unless something changes