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Topics from the past[edit]

  • Annual planning is underway
    • Dan shared a first draft of goals with Discovery
  • Firefox might lose support for hangouts at the end of this month
    • If hangouts don't work for you in firefox tomorrow, switch browsers

Announcements, Information, Questions[edit]

Scrum of Scrums[edit]

Are we blocked?

  • None

Are we blocking? ( )

  • None

Other dependencies (in either direction) which don’t need to be called out as “blocked” (e.g. are progressing smoothly, have no urgency, etc.)

Discovery News[edit]

Quick Quarterly Goals/KPI Update (if needed)[edit]

Discovery Roadmap FY2016/17:

This status was last updated 2017-02-21. Completed/dropped goals are not shown.

FY 2016-17 Q3 (Jan-Mar) Key Results[edit]


  • Mar 1: CREDIT showcase
  • Mar 12: US Daylight Saving Time starts
  • Mar 13: WMF Holiday(!)
  • Mar 16 Next All-Discovery retro
  • April 14: WMF Holiday(!)
  • May 14-18: Discovery offsite in Vienna (right before the hackathon)
  • May 19-21: Hackathon in Vienna (right after the offsite)