Wikimedia Developer Summit/2017/Building a sustainable user experience together

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This a main topic discussed at the Wikimedia Developer Summit 2017, facilitated by FIXME (main contact) and ...

The problem[edit]

As the world evolves around us and we learn about user experience patterns that work and don't work, what is the Wikimedia Foundation and community doing to ensure that every human being is able to access the knowledge we offer on our projects? To make sure that we're building a sustainable user experience that evolves over time rather than staying static and needing to be "updated" at intervals that historically have been much too long, UX and engineering will need to work together. Let's talk about how to do that!


1. Working session/Presentation about UX guidelines at WMF[edit]

The problem[edit]

It's not always clear what design styles and approaches to apply to projects at WMF. For a long time the design team members have worked on a collection of patterns and guidelines to use for consistency. We still have more work to do before it's complete, but want to collaborate and present what we have for all those interested in this progress.

Expected outcome[edit]

Collaboration and socialization of WMF style guide.

Phabricator ticket[edit]

2. Discuss creating a UI/UX design hub on mediawiki or meta[edit]

Do we need a place where communities, foundation designers, and readers can publicly discuss usability issues, layout proposals and tests for what we need to do to improve the user experience of our projects?

Rationale and examples:

Phabricator ticket[edit]