Wikimedia Developer Summit/2016/Attendees


During registration participants were given the option to provide some information about their Interests & Projects:

"Right before the event  we will publish a directory with the names (we will use the name that you indicated for your name tag) and information of attendees. If you would like your name and interests published please add something in this field. If you don't want your information published please leave this section blank. If you would like your email address or other contract information included please add it here yourself."

This list is not a complete list of all attendees - if you are attending and not on this list please feel free to add yourself or update your interest and projects.

Name Affiliation Projects / Interests
Joaquin Hernandez WMF Web applications, JavaScript, Node.js. Making a better and faster mobile web experience for reading Wikipedia.
Kartik Mistry WMF * Internationalisation

* Localisation * Content Translation * MediaWiki * Wikidata * Services

Derk-Jan Hartman / User:TheDJ Volunteer MediaWiki developer Accessibility, Video, Mobile, Javascript, CSS
Marcel Wikimedia Foundation Analytics
Neil P. Quinn Wikimedia Foundation analytics, structured data, the visual editor
Bernd Sitzmann WMF Android apps

Nodejs/RESTBase services Mobile Content Service

phuedx (Sam Smith) Wikimedia Foundation APIs

Software Engineering Parsoid Coffee

Rob Lanphier (RobLa) Wikimedia Foundation Applying open collaboration techniques from other organizations in a way that is compatible with our culture. Probably chairing a meeting or two, plus helping meeting facilitators run their meetings.
André Costa / Lokal_Profil Wikimedia Sverige Bots, Open Data, OpenBadges, i18n
Rummana WMF Browser test automation, VisualEditor
Andre Klapper Wikimedia Foundation Bug management / Phabricator; Tech Community Metrics
AGreeen (WMF) / AndyRussG Wikimedia Foundation CentralNotice

EducationProgram Mediawiki architecture Structured data

Benoît Evellin / Trizek (WMF) Wikimedia Foundation Community liaison
Legoktm MediaWiki Farmers user group / Uncyclomedia / Wikimedia Foundation Configuration, Extension management, Librarization, Composer, Wiki farms!, "Global" and cross-wiki tools and tooling, Why JSON is better than YAML
Santhosh Thottingal Wikimedia Foundation Content Translation, Language Engineering
Željko Filipin Wikimedia Foundation continuous integration, test automation, selenium, ruby
milimetric WMF Dashiki, Pageview API, UI Standardization, EventBus, Druid
Jaime Crespo Wikimedia Foundation Databases & performance
Tyler Cipriani Wikimedia Foundation Deployment Tooling, Continuous Integration, Developer Tooling
Pau Giner Wikimedia Foundation Design
twentyafterfour Wikimedia (RelEng) Developer tools, specifically:

Phabricator & differential, git, scap

Moiz Syed Wikimedia Foundation Discovery


Jo / JoAl / Joseph WMF Distributed systems, hadoop, streaming computation, big data.
Quim Gil Wikimedia Foundation Engineering Community Manager at the Developer Relations team. Specially interested in meeting 3rd party and community developers working with our web APIs. Code of Conduct, homepage and Gerrit migration to Phabricator are also hot topics.
Rachel Farrand WMF Event organizer, please get in touch with me regarding any questions you have about this event!
Amir E. Aharoni Wikimedia Everything internationalization.

Translate and translatewiki. Right-to-left. ContentTranslation. Interest in templates globalization.

Lee Worden WorkingWiki Extension development

Open science / open research

Matt Flaschen / Software Engineer, WMF Wikimedia Foundation Flow

Echo GuidedTour Workflows / wiki processes / matt_flaschen on IRC

Katie Horn Wikimedia Foundation Fundraising Tech
Daniel Kinzler Wikimedia Germany Getting core out of the gutter: Structured Content, Technical Dept
Adam Roses Wight WMF

I'd like to help make it easier to be friendly on Wikipedia, and to collaborate independently of existing power structures. One angle I'm pursuing is to deprecate many forms of deletion in favor of moving content from the canonical encyclopedia into a branch or sandbox, and making it simple to merge federated content back into the canonical version. Feel free to contact me about anything:

Tyler Romeo MediaWiki I am most interested in projects related to code review and easier volunteer development.

Sameer Farooqui Databricks I have been analyzing various Wikipedia datasets with Apache Spark for the past few months, including pageviews, pagecounts, clickstream, 54 GB English Wikipedia, 13 TB English Edits, Live Edit Stream.

At Databricks, I'm working with the curriculum dev team on creating a new course on how to Analyze Wikipedia with Spark.

Trey Jones WMF I'm a computational linguist. I work at the Wikimedia Foundation on the Discovery team, trying to understand and improve searching and knowledge discovery.
Physikerwelt (Moritz Schubotz) TU Berlin I'm interested in the MediaWiki extensions Math and MathSearch and the node modules mathoid, texvcjs, parsoid and restbase. In the future I would like to contribute to a visual visual editor plugin for Math editing.
Keegan Wikimedia Foundation Interacting with volunteer developers and staff
Brian Gerstle Wikimedia Foundation iOS, Parsoid, Services, MW API
Jeff Hobson Wikimedia Foundation
Yuvi Panda Wikimedia Foundation Labs / Operations, possible experimental pipeline of moving things from high-flexibility / low support (labs) setups to low-flexibility / high support (prod) setups, and how this transition should happen.
Labs guy Wikimedia Foundation Labs, Kubernetes, Gadgets, Volunteer workshops.
Roan Kattouw Wikimedia Foundation Lead Engineer on the Collaboration team
James Hare (harej) Wikimedia DC | WikiProject X Making it easier for editors to find each other and work together
Yuri Astrakhan WMF Maps, Graphs
Tim Starling Wikimedia Foundation MediaWiki

Parsing Architecture

Isarra Volunteer developer MediaWiki skinning

UX volunteer development third-party system administration

Chad Wikimedia MediaWiki tarball releases, WMF deployment (and tooling), Phabricator, all things git, MediaWiki core hacking when I have time, heh.
hexmode NicheWork LLC MediaWiki's use by third parties and the future of MediaWiki
Corey Floyd Wikimedia Mobile

User Experience

Kaity WMF mobile apps

mobile web references growth epxeriments

Dan Garry Wikimedia Foundation Mobile apps



Wikidata Query Service


Dmitry Brant WMF mobile apps, services, RESTbase, wikidata, parsoid
Fuzheado American University Mobile interface and visualizing activity in Wikipedia
Moritz Mühlenhoff Wikimedia Foundation
_joe_ WMF Multi-DC replication

Scalability SOA

Mark "Holmquist" Traceur Wikimedia Foundation Multimedia, Commons, gadgets, AFC
nasir khan Wikimedia Bangladesh Nasir Khan

Wikimedia Bangladesh Share your WikiBadge, inspire others ( this might be the tag like of the project i am working right now)

Moriel Schottlender WMF oojs, oojs-ui, collaboration tools
_joe_ WMF Operations

Scalability Multi DC MediaWiki Microservices

Brandon Wikimedia Operations / Traffic Engineering
Subbu Sastry WMF Parsing, Parsoid, Wikitext
C. Scott Ananian (cscott) Wikimedia Foundation Parsoid, Real-Time Collaboration, Fork-and-Merge interactions, Language Converter, Content Translation, Polyglot wikis, Wikitext 2.0, Separation of Code, Data, and Styling in Templates, JavaScript (ES2015), Global Education Projects. Ex-OLPC'er. cscott on #mediawiki-parsoid / freenode

Gilles WMF Performance, multimedia
S Page Wikimedia Promoting use of MediaWiki APIs, documentation, automatic documentation publishing, making it easier to begin development.
Sherah Smith Wikimedia Foundation Prototyping

Mobile design/UX Reading experience

Amir Sarabadani (Ladsgroup) WMDE pywikibot, Wikidata, RTL bugs
Ray Paseur Armedia, LLC Ray Paseur, Web Developer for Armedia, LLC. Interested in MW Extensions and Alfresco (CMIS) Integration. e:
Jon Katz WMF Readers

Mobile New contribution forms Understanding our users API usage

Anne Gomez Wikimedia Foundation Reading & Advancement
Russell Uman Splunk Russell Uman - -


Aaron Halfaker (EpochFail / halfak) Wikimedia Research Science & socially integrated technologies. Quality control and newcomer support.
Scott MacLeod World University and School Scott MacLeod's ( research focuses on the anthropology of information technology and counterculture. He's taught "Society and Information Technology" on Harvard’s virtual Island for many years, where he also teaches anthropology and sociology. He’s the founder and president of wiki CC World University and School (like Wikipedia with best STEM-centric CC OpenCourseWare –

Tomasz Wikimedia Foundation Search, Maps, and WDQS
Chris Steipp Wikimedia Security, Privacy
Eric Evans Wikimedia Foundation Services, distributed storage, distributed computing.
Marko WMF Services, REST, API, Distributed Computing
Stephen Niedzielski (Android) WMF Stephen Niedzielski (Android)
Lucie-Aimée Kaffee (Frimelle) Wikimedia Deutschland Studying International Media Computing, working student at Wikidata, talk to me about Article Placeholder extension, Wikidata, SPARQL, anything
Niklas Laxström / Nikerabbit WMF Translation tools, i18n,
Brion Vibber Wikimedia Foundation Video, media, scripting, craziness!
Ed Sanders WMF VisualEditor
Niharika Wikimedia Foundation Web applications, Wiki bots
Marius Hoch (hoo) Wikimedia Deutschland Wikidata, Infoboxes, deployments, admin tools
Addshore WMDE Wikidata, Wikibase, Newsletter extension, Team-TCB, WMDE, MassAction, Composer, Roastfull -> Restfull API
Frances Hocutt Wikimedia Foundation Wikimedia Community Tech; bots; APIs, API client libraries, and API design; Python; improving tools' code.
Andrew Bogott Wikimedia Foundation Wikimedia Labs
Toby Negrin Wikimedia Foundation WMF

Reading Services Web Apps

aude WMDE Wikidata, maps + geo, search
Quiddity / Nick Wikimedia Foundation Echo, Flow, Workflows, Tracking change pages, UX/UI/Design, WikiProjects, Translation, Structured content, Page design, Documentation, Labs, Tools&Toys
Jiang Bian Google Parsoid, WikiText, semantic representation, LanguageConverter
Petr Pchelko Wikimedia Foundation Services, RESTBase
Tilman Bayer Wikimedia Foundation Readership data analysis
Alexa Morris AMS Interested in learning more about Wikimedia Foundation and how it operates
Lisa Winkler AMS Interested in learning more about Wikimedia Foundation and how it operates
Mohamed Udhuman Wikimedia I would like to help guiding and assisting the participant and also involved towards various service which will help communicate with all. Ill show positive aspects of to the community, will share and care people who needs some assist. Identify issues and/or opportunities for collecting data. Explore organizational culture and help other follow the event privacy.