Wikimedia Cloud Services team/Onboarding Brooke/Sessions


Brooke and Chase Onboarding Sessions[edit]

  • So we use ferm as a firewall frontend? Gathered from IRC conversations.
  • Create a cdnjs-beta tool (there is an admin-beta for example)
  • Deploy new code to cdnjs beta in anticipation of replacing current
  • horizon to create new tools-static-1[23]
  • new scripts and roles where existing is modules/role/manifests/toollabs/static.pp
    • role() manifests/site.pp
  • tools has own puppetmaster so you have to manually go in and associate to new master
  • vip to one of new nodes
  • test out of band
  • switch?
  • tools-static*
  • tools-rproxy-
  • hashar for CI qeustons

2018 - 02 - 05[edit]

  • working on cdnjs tool
  • Possibly on the review and deploy step
  • What runs on bare metal outside of OpenStack
  • Is k8s on OpenStack or is it on real, live servers

2018 - 01 - 30[edit]

  • ongoing meetings
  • putting questions in this ongoing ledger

open questions[edit]

  • ops/puppet and private repos

gerrit merge => puppetmaster1001 => puppet-merge

  • repo split between us and the world
  • ops/puppet is shared?
  • what is physical and what is virtual?
  • what do we 'own' generally?