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Q1: 2015年7月–9月
Q1: 2016年7月–9月 Q1: 2017年7月–9月 Q1: 2018年7月–9月
Q2: 2015年10月–12月
Q2: 2016年10月–12月 Q2: 2017年10月–12月 Q2: October-December 2018
Q3: 2016年1月–3月
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Q4: 2016年4月–6月
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Project Pages

Annual Plan goal: New Content

Annual Plan goal: Better Use of Data

Annual Plan goal: Community Wishlist

Annual Plan goal: Anti-Harassment Tools

Annual Plan goal: Wikidata






評価指標 September 2018 value 前月比± 前年比±
Total content 193.0 M 0.9% 16.9%
—Wikipedia articles 49.0 M 0.4% 5.3%
—Commons files¹ 50.4 M 0.8% 37.5%
—Wikidata entities 50.4 M 0.8% 37.5%
Net new content 1,640,000 -9.9% -63.1%
—Wikipedia articles 188,000 -15.4% -52.3%
—Commons files¹ 804,000 5.1% 11.8%
—Wikidata entities 378,000 -27.6% -88.0%
Active editors 82,100 4.3% 3.1%
—New (first-month) 18,300 30.4% 8.1%
—Second-month 3,670 6.9% 1.0%
—Existing 59,300 -1.8% 1.9%
New editor retention 5.7% 10.3% 5.5%
Global revert rate 6.8% 1.7% -21.0%
Total edits 38.6 M -5.9% -7.6%
—Mobile edits 1.2 M -4.5% 26.8%
—Data edits 17.8 M -2.5% -11.8%
—File uploads 0.8 M 4.7% 10.9%
—Other non-bot edits 12.3 M -3.1% 2.6%


¹ For infrastructural reasons, this month we have changed the total content pages metric (and the net new content metric from which we derive it) to not include files on projects other than Wikimedia Commons. Overall, the difference is small (a reduction of about 5.5 M, to a new total of 193 M).

² For similar reasons, we have switched from providing metrics on total files across all projects to the number of content pages on Wikimedia Commons. This number is very close to the number of files on Commons (merely including an extra 200,000 gallery pages), so we will refer to it as “Commons files”.


This month was an unusually good one for active editors, with the overall metric and all its subcomponents all rising. In particular, new editors, which has declined in recent years, rose by 8% year-on-year; see the next slide for a graph. We are planning a deeper exploration into new editor trends later this quarter.

The overall revert rate has been declining significantly over the last several years, from around 10% in 2015 to 8% or less today. This may be due to the large influx of Wikidata edits which are not flagged as bots and are unlikely to be reverted.

評価指標 September 2018 value 前月比± 前年比±
Global South countries
—Reader interactions² 4.31 B 6% —³
—Active editors 23.0 K 3.2% —¹
—New editor retention 4.83% 0.8% —¹
—Edits 9.05 M -5.7% —¹
—Non-bot edits 9.05 M -5.7% —¹
Mobile-heavy wikis
—Reader interactions² 665 M 4% —³
—Active editors 3.73 K 1.2% 9.0%
—New editor retention 5.07% 7.9% 2.7%
—Edits 947 K -30.1% -31.9%
—Non-bot edits 443 K -9.2% 7.2%


¹ Editor location data is deleted after 90 days, so it is not possible to calculate trends from before the metric was established. Trends started to accumulate in June 2018.

² Pageviews (all platforms) + seen previews (desktop).

³ The rollout of the page previews feature was completed less than a year ago.


New editor retention in both of these segments continue to be under the global average.

When classifying edits or pageviews as Global South or Global North, we assume that an unknown location belongs to the Global South (see June metric notes). However, this month we noted that using this approach unknown-location edits account for 77% of our Global South edits.

For next month, we will evaluate whether to change our approach and treat unknown edits differently when calculating editing and reading metrics.


Overall, the trends this month are as before. Notable continuing trends include:

  • The gradual increase in existing active editors. This trend is also reflected in a gradual increase in the monthly number of editors with 100 or more edits per month, also know as very active editors (see graph).
  • The decline in newer contributors, which affects a broad spectrum of editors.
  • The (continued) growth of mobile contributions.


  • ベータ版の最近の更新のフィルタにより、フィルタのセットの保存が可能になりました。現在、改良を準備中です。
  • 編集者にとってウィキテキストのエラー検出に役立つ Linter ツール (データベース管理システム) はどのウィキにも実装しました。ただし最大のウィキは例外です (例えば MediaWiki.org – 詳細はエラーの目次ページを参照)。パフォーマンスの問題が解決次第、残りのウィキに実装します。
  • コンテンツ翻訳の改良では、ビジュアルエディタが存続することから、独自の編集機能を同じプラットフォームに移設。
  • ビジュアルエディタを使うと、編集中に差分をビジュアルに確認できます。改良と拡充に数週間かかる見込みです。
  • ベータ版 (T66793) からコンパクト言語リンクを展開する作業は、ほぼ完了しています。英語語版、ドイツ語版の2つのウィキペディアを除き、すべてのウィキで誰でも利用できます。 (T136677)
  • ビジュアルエディタをすべてのウィキペディアにリリースする作業をほぼ完了しました。現在、未解決のものは残りたった8つ、技術的にブロックを受けたマルチスクリプトのウィキペディア(中国語版を含む)であり、これらも構文解析の作業をしています。配布が不完全な状態のウィキペディアは3つあり(英語、スペイン語、オランダ語)、ウィキテキストの新しいエディタのリリースのため作業を一時停止。おそらく2017年中盤から後半の期間には再開しない見込みです。



2013年-2018年の累積閲覧数の比較 (デスクトップモバイルでそれぞれ統計。)
評価指標 月間
Interactions[r 1][r 2][r 3] (July) 16.5 B N/A[r 4]
閲覧数[r 5][r 3] (July) 14.9 B +6%
… デスクトップ[r 5][r 3] (July) 6.4 B -3%
… モバイル、ウェブ[r 5] (July) 8.3 B +14%
—Desktop previews[r 1] (July) 1.6 B N/A[r 4]
—Global South[r 1][r 2][r 3][r 6] (July) 3.99 B N/A[r 4]
ユニーク・デバイス (all Wikipedias) (July) 1.48 B +9%
Android ユニーク 4.74 M -14.54%
iOS ユニーク(July) N/A N/A
Android 版インストール 17.31 k/d 3.44%
iOS 版ダウンロード[r 7] (July) 4.7 k/d 2.85%
2018年5月31日更新。長期的傾向の分析は四半期ごとのcore Reading metrics overview for Q1(第2四半期の主な閲覧評価指標の概要)及び閲覧評価指標報告書を参照。Android版アプリの評価指標はこちらの概要overviewを参照してください。
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Normalized to 30 days/month
  2. 2.0 2.1 Pageviews (all platforms) + seen previews (desktop)
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 一部の国での偽の IE7 ビュー数を修正
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 The page previews feature was rolled out less than a year ago.
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 projectview_hourly/pageview_hourlyを30日/月に調整
  6. defined as those not geolocated to a Global North country, i.e including some with unknown location
  7. App Annie 経由 (app store からの初回ダウンロード件数は、アップデート件数あるいは同じアカウント名による別のデバイスへのインストール件数を除外。)May contain Volume Purchase Program downloads and possibly some artifacts on rare occasions.


The notable year-over-year increase in pageviews first observed last month grew to 6% in July, the biggest such year-over-year growth since December 2016. (Small caveat: On May 21, we updated our user agent parsing definitions for the first time in two years, which affected bot detection - but it appears that this led to more views being classified as non-human, meaning that the real increase might be even larger than 6%.)

As before, keep in mind that the decrease in desktop pageviews is partly due to the deployment of the page previews feature over the course of the 2017/18 fiscal year.

Unique devices also increased year-over-year like in previous months, but this metric might be more susceptible to artifacts that decrease the accuracy of such longer-term trend assessments.



Technical Program Management

A support team in Audiences dedicated to guiding delivery processes and facilitating team health through good practices.

Page: Audiences Technical Program Management

Lead: Grace Gellerman


ウィキデータは無料で公開の知識ベースで人間とコンピュータのどちらも閲覧と編集ができます。このプロジェクトの推進役はウィキメディアのドイツ支部 (WMDE) ソフトウェア開発部門と技術部門です。


WMDE Fiscal Year 2016

WMDE Fiscal Year 2017