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The Better Use of Data program supports better decision making and continuous learning across the Foundation.

Our vision[edit]

  • Easy-to-find, relevant data & research
  • Analysis & insights improve decision-making
  • Deep understanding of the Movement’s broader experience and ecosystem
  • Industry leader in accessible & ethical data

Working group[edit]

Sub-group: Product Analytics Infrastructure

Partner Teams[edit]

Product Analytics

Product Infrastructure

Analytics Engineering


Event Platform Clients[edit]

  • Create standard client-side event logging libraries in order to solve problems created as a result of having diverging instrumentation libraries.
  • Reduce time spent by Product teams on instrumentation.
  • Connect event logging to the Event Platform, a system built by Analytics Engineering that allows us to scale & improve event logging to match the growing use of Wikimedia sites and apps.


Annual plans[edit]


Status updates[edit]

October 2018[edit]

1-October-2018: Further review of roles and responsibilities regarding event logging was carried out over the past month and is now available as an Instrumentation DACI. Additionally, an offer has been accepted for the Software Engineer who will work on data-oriented components in the Infrastructure team in Readers Engineering, as well as for the management position in Product Analytics.

August 2018[edit]

28-August-2018: Better Use of Data memo discussed between Audiences management and Analytics Engineering - figuring out division of labor, timelines, etc. Audiences is standardizing for FY 2018-2019 on Superset, Jupyter notebooks (SWAP/PAWS), and Turnilo. The working group has further iterated on the DACI for instrumentation. Data engineer recruiting continues. Wiki segmentation ideas being generated (see T188391).
7-August-2018: Working group met. DACI going through final review. Provisional FY 18-19 reporting tool approach identified; this helps clarify part of the training curriculum for Output 2.1: Measurement expectations.

July 2018[edit]

30-July-2018: DACI shared more broadly. Not setting up specific Phabricator board yet. Work group participants identified, first meeting scheduled.
3-July-2018: DACI shared with managers for first review. Looking into setting up a Phabricator board. Work group participants still being identified.

June 2018[edit]

  • Annual plan updated
  • Marshall Miller is writing a memo with recommendations
  • Request for participants on working group issued
  • Roadmap formed

October 2018[edit]

  • Kate Zimmerman hired to run Better Use of Data program as manager of Product Analytics
  • Jason Linehan hired to assist Better Use of Data program as software engineer in Reading Infrastructure

December 2018[edit]