Wikimedia Product/Better use of data


The Better Use of Data program supports better decision making and continuous learning across the Foundation.

Our vision[edit]

  • Easy-to-find, relevant data & research
  • Analysis & insights improve decision-making
  • Deep understanding of the Movement’s broader experience and ecosystem
  • Industry leader in accessible & ethical data

Working group (FY20-21)[edit]

Sub-group: Product Analytics Infrastructure

Partner Teams[edit]

Product Analytics

Product Infrastructure

Analytics Engineering


Session Length[edit]

  • Session length and counts are important for understanding engagement with our sites

Metrics Platform[edit]

  • Create standard client-side event logging libraries in order to solve problems created as a result of having diverging instrumentation libraries.
  • Reduce time spent by Product teams on instrumentation.
  • Connect event logging to the Event Platform, a system built by Analytics Engineering that allows us to scale & improve event logging to match the growing use of Wikimedia sites and apps.


Annual plans[edit]