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Tools For Organizers[edit]


Movement Organizers are a vital source of momentum in the virtuous cycle of converting readers into contributors. As for-profit[1]and non-profit[2] knowledge gathering becomes increasingly sophisticated, easier to use and to teach, Open Knowledge organizers now have a range of formats and platforms to choose from when designing events. So, while the Wikimedia projects currently enjoy significant mindshare and critical mass, this position is not unassailable and sources of friction for organizers may have a significant impact on their willingness to onboard future contributors to the wiki projects. It will, therefore, be essential to establish a stronger connection with the network of organizers we have now, to make their experience of community-building more plug and play, and to make it easier for them to find and support highly motivated interest communities. The Wikimedia product platform must grow to support partnership with organizers by providing community-building, outreach and event management tools they need, and to ensure that contribution tools[3] are as usable as possible for first time editors.

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