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A demo screencast from February 19 2014:


Currently targeting a public release circa March/April 2014. Of course you can grab it now, it's open source!

Major improvements over the old app:

  • faster and more flexible: native UI chrome for Android, iOS
  • login & account creation
  • basic wikitext editing
  • save pages for offline reading

Currently missing features from the old app:

  • Nearby view (may not get done)
  • Migration of already-saved pages from the old app


The Android version can accept incoming URLs from Wikipedia, just like the old app could, and works with Google's app search extension. Neat!


iOS version currently has implemented more of the customized UI elements on the navigation bar. Pretty coool... `


Betas are released near the end of each 2-week work sprint.

Current Android development beta at

Currently, iOS betas are distributed only internally to Wikimedia Foundation (we are limited by Apple's distribution rules), but we may run an open beta round again.

Dev links[edit]

Bug reporting[edit]

Use Wikimedia's Bugzilla, in the 'Wikipedia Apps' product.

Bug reports are automatically merged into our Trello work boards to make sure we (the WMF apps team) don't miss them, they get organized either into our work sprints or into our backlog for later.