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This page is a translated version of the page Wikimedia Apps/WLM/Fact Sheet and the translation is 11% complete.
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Wiki Loves Monuments Android App Fact Sheet

This Fact Sheet summarizes key points about the WLM App that are important to contest organizers and participants. If you want something added, please make a comment on the Talk page.

What does the app do?

  • The app provides two ways to find monuments: by country/region/city and by current location.
  • The app allows you to upload mobile photos from your phone's gallery or new photos you take while using the app directly to
  • Photos are uploaded with a unique title, monument ID, appropriate categories, license info — everything needed to be an official entry in the contest.
  • You can also see the history of photos you uploaded as well as photos you want to upload later. Uploading later can be convenient when data roaming charges are expensive, when network connections are weak, and when you want to match up monuments with photos taken on a camera.

Here is the short version:

  • Finds monuments by country/region/city and by current location
  • Lets you upload an existing photo from the gallery or a newly-taken photo
  • Formats photos with required metadata for contest submission
  • Shows history of uploads and defer uploads until later to save data charges

من اين يمكنني الحصول على التطبيق ؟

  • Download the Wiki Loves Monuments Android App on Google Play store, starting September 1, 2012.
  • You can also download the Wiki Loves Monuments Android App Beta on Google Play store, starting August 15, 2012 - search for "Wiki Loves Monuments beta."

That's a long name for this app. Can I shorten it?

  • WLM App is the shortest possible version of the app's name. It can also be shortened to WLM Android App. Since the release for this year's contest will be Android only, it may be important to include the word Android in some contexts.

ما هي اللغات و الدول التي ستكون متاحة فيها؟

  • The app will be translated by a community of volunteers at Translations will be updated with each app release.
  • Even if the app has not been translated, meaning that the user interface will appear in English, it will display monuments in all of the countries participating in the contest.
  • Google Play is global and the app should be available in any country where Google Play is available. This should include all of the countries participating in the contest.

كيف يمكنني المساهمة في نشر هذا التطبيق؟

  • Please use any of the marketing materials available here.
    Download the app
  • Please include mention of the app in press announcements and any marketing related to Wiki Loves Monuments.
  • Feel free to modify graphics to suit space restrictions or translation needs - to get the original Photoshop files, please email hwalls at wikimedia dot org.

هل احتاج الى حساب على ويكي كومنز ؟

  • Yes. Usually an account on Wikipedia will also work on Commons, but if not, a new account on Commons must be created.
  • The app provides a link on the login screen to create an account on Commons, but it will be easier to create the account in advance.

Will this app add my photo to Wikipedia?

  • Your uploads will be considered for inclusion in Wikipedia articles, which is a process that starts with the contest judging process. Whether your photo makes it into an article depends entirely on the communities of Commons and Wikipedia.
  • One of the main goals of the contest is to bring more and better photos of monuments into the Wikipedia articles of those monuments. So try your best, and help free knowledge become better!

Can I use a license other than the one offered in the app?

  • In almost all cases, each country participating in the contest has chosen a single license to use for all submissions in that country. However, it is possible to change the license later by going to the, finding your photo and editing the license info.
  • It is possible that you will unintentionally create a copyright violation. For instance, in some countries monuments older than a certain year are not allowed to be photographed. Please refer to the rules for each country, and eventually any violation will be flagged. In general, the monuments that appear in the app are cleared for being photographed and the license assumes you took the photograph.

Is there a time limit, or any other limit, in using the app?

  • The contest is officially over at the end of September 2012. Depending on the contest organizers, it may be possible to submit photos after the end of the contest, but you should check with the contest organizers in your country. The app will not work past October 2012.
  • You can take as many photos as you have free space on your phone. Uploading later allows batch uploading, so a number of uploads can be done together in a single session.

Where can I find general information about this year's contest?