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Standard Operating Procedure for Gathering User Feedback aka Chore Wheel[edit]

Each person is assigned one week for "chore wheel." Your week includes the Saturday and Sunday preceding your assignment. For example:

Your week is December 14. That means you cover the days from Saturday December 8 through Friday December 14.

Note: the calendar invite for your assignment can be moved to any day/time in your week that is useful to you. Just have things done by Friday of your week.


  • Review Wikipedia iOS App OTRS queue for new tickets
    • Search > Additional filters > click field, select "Queue", click "+"; Queue will appear under Filters in use; click field, select "mobile", use dropdown to select "iOS (Wikipedia)", click Confirm; repeat to add "State" (open, new), and "Ticket Create Time" (between)
      • Escalate or file any new/urgent bugs
      • Summarize other feedback/requests
      • Responding is optional, unless you need more info for a bug
  • Twitter search for Wikipedia mobile or Wikipedia app mentions
  • App Store Reviews
    • My Apps > Wikipedia > Activity > Ratings and Reviews
  • If responding to reviews or OTRS tickets about blocking in Turkey or China, you can use this reply provided by Legal:
    • We are committed to allowing everyone, everywhere to freely access, share, and participate in knowledge on Wikipedia. Unfortunately, Wikipedia is currently blocked by most internet service providers in [China/Turkey]. We are not able to ensure access to Wikipedia until the block is lifted.


  1. Monte
  2. Natalia
  3. Josh
  4. Lani
  5. Carolyn
  6. Anthony
  7. Toni

Status update[edit]

On Friday, send an email to ios@ with your chore wheel report. Thanks!