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Standard Operating Procedure for Gathering User Feedback aka Chore Wheel[edit]

Each person is assigned one week for "chore wheel." Your week includes the Saturday and Sunday preceding your assignment. For example:

Your week is December 14. That means you cover the days from Saturday December 8 through Friday December 14.

Note: the calendar invite for your assignment can be moved to any day/time in your week that is useful to you. Just have things done by Friday of your week.



  • Review Wikipedia iOS App ZNUNY queue for new tickets
    • (If that link doesn't take you to the iOS queue: Search > Additional filters > click field, select "Queue", click "+"; Queue will appear under Filters in use; click field, select "mobile", use dropdown to select "iOS (Wikipedia)", click Confirm; repeat to add "State" (open, new), and "Ticket Create Time" (between))
  • Escalate or file any new/urgent bugs
  • Summarize other feedback/requests
  • Responding is optional, unless you need more info for a bug
    • Feel free to point users to the FAQ
    • Anything not related to the app, please move to other queues
    • You can quick-close empty/blank tickets


  • Twitter search for "Wikipedia iOS", and "Wikipedia app" mentions since the last chore wheel


  • My Apps > Wikipedia > (in sidebar) Ratings and Reviews
  • By default, reviews from all stores are shown. If you want to see a specific country or version, select from the drop-down


  • Select TestFight tab
  • Under the Feedback section in the left side nav, select Screenshots
  • Select "All Versions" in the first drop down picker (it defaults to the newest one, which is good, but we have folks who haven't updated to check on)
  • Look for any reports/screenshot from the period of your chore wheel duty (ie, generally 7 days ago or newer)
  • Please do not re-report issues from older times, chances are they are either covered or no longer relevant
  • If filing phab tickets please include the screenshots and device info provided by Apple in the phab ticket (please don't just link the the report, include the key info in phab itself)


  • Review App Store Connect for any major new or big increases in crashes
    1. Go to Wikipedia app in App Store Connect
    2. Select App Analytics
    3. Select the main Wikipedia app
    4. Click the small "Crashes" graph to get a larger version of it
    5. The left menu above the graph should say "Crashes"
    6. Tap the three dots to the above right of the graph. Click "Compare". A new menu will appear right next to the 3 dots you just clicked. Select the "Usage" submenu of this menu, then "Sessions"
    7. The second link above the graph might say "By Date". Click it, and choose "App Version" in the "View by" submenu
    8. The top right above the graph should say "Days", not "Weeks" or "Months". If it doesn't, click "Days"
    9. Below the graph, ensure the 3 or 4 most recent releases have checkmarks next to them
    10. Take a screenshot


  • Make sure no IRC communications in #wikimedia-mobile were missed during the week. While you do not need to respond, ensure there is someone tasked w/ following up with any communications.

Additional guidelines[edit]

Questions/complaints about disappearing reading lists[edit]

As of February 2022, we are attempting to investigate this issue. Please include the following in response:

Thanks for getting in touch, and we extend our deepest apologies for the issue you experienced with the Wikipedia app. We recognize that data loss is a serious issue.

While this is not widespread, we’ve heard from some other people who have experienced the same thing, and we’re trying to figure out what is happening. With our deep, sincere commitment to privacy, we don’t track our users in the same way that most apps do. Most apps can look at detailed logs to diagnose why something like this is happening, but we rely on our users. If you have a few minutes to answer these questions, we’d really appreciate it - finding commonalities among the few people experiencing this will help us diagnose the problem.

  1. What version of iOS are you using? (In your phone’s Settings app, tap "General", then "About", and look in the  "Software Version" line.)
  2. What version of the Wikipedia app are you using? (In the Wikipedia App, go to the Explore tab. Then tap the settings gears at the top, then go to the bottom and tap "About the app". The version is the full numbers towards the top - something like "6.9.0 (1887)".)
  3. What languages do you use in the app? (In the Wikipedia app’s settings screen, tap "My Languages" and let us know all languages that are there.)
  4. Are you signed into a Wikipedia account in the app, or not? (In the Wikipedia app’s settings screen, you’re signed in if the first line shows a username. If it says "Log in", you are not signed into the app.)
  5. Roughly how long have you used the app for?
  6. Do you use Wikipedia Reading Lists on any other devices?
  7. Do you use reading lists to organize your saved articles?
  8. Roughly how many articles did you have saved?
  9. Roughly how many reading lists did you have?

Thanks for your help,

[insert name]

Replies from users can be added to the ticket:

Messages mentioning in-country blocks[edit]

If we receive reviews from users in China (or other countries whose government might be blocking Wikipedia) saying that they keep getting "not connected to internet" errors, this is likely to due to the blocks that those countries have imposed. You can reply to the reviews on the Play Store with the following message:

We are committed to allowing everyone, everywhere to freely access, share, and participate in knowledge on Wikipedia. Unfortunately, Wikipedia is currently blocked by most internet service providers in China. We are not able to ensure access to Wikipedia until the block is lifted.


  1. Matt
  2. Deepak
  3. Josh
  4. Lani
  5. Olga
  6. Anthony
  7. Toni
  8. Marina

Status update[edit]

On Friday, send an email to ios@ with your chore wheel report. Thanks!