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Previous Retrospective Actions[edit]

  • Charlotte invite for slack? (no invite, just go here: (thankee) DONE
  • During tomorrow's planning, remember to break down larger tasks into smaller chunks DONE (TOO)
  • Natalia to delete Android meetings after this week DONE

Significant Events[edit]

  • Company-wide break
  • Fundraising season



  • Magic of Christmas
  • Adaptive icons for Android


  • Disconnecting for the holidays + ++
  • Christmas lights in sf area

Longed For[edit]

  • Additional holiday time :D +++


  • How does everyone feel about moving planning/grooming to Tuesdays?
  • Does everyone feel like they're connected with what others on the team are doing? Need more frequent standups, or ok as-is?

Action Items[edit]

  • Charlotte: Make standups every day, make them shorter
  • Charlotte: Move planning/grooming to Tuesdays after standup
  • Charlotte: Archive old retros