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Tracking Bugs[edit]

You can see open bugs in Phabricator (our bug reporting and tracking system):

Reporting Bugs[edit]

Before you start[edit]

Did you check our FAQs?: Android app FAQ, iOS app FAQ

For content related comments, kindly leave a note on the article's talk page, instead.

Create a new bug in Phabricator[edit]

Use the following links to create a new bug:

When filling a bug, it helps us a lot if you provide the following information in the bug ticket:


Briefly describe the issue in a single sentence


Set to "Needs Triage"


For iOS, add the tag:


For Android, add the tag:



In the description please write the following:


The name of the device(s) where you observed the bug

Examples: Samsung Galaxy Note, Google Nexus 6, iPhone 4, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Simulator, etc…

OS version[edit]

The OS version of the device

Examples: Android 2.2, Android 4.1, iOS 6.2, iOS 8.1, etc…

Observed Behavior[edit]

What happened?

Example: The image is left aligned.

Expected Behavior[edit]

What was supposed to happen?

Example: The image was supposed to be centered.

Steps To Reproduce[edit]

How to reproduce from start to finish.


1. launch app

2. tap menu button

3. tap login

4. enter user name "Test User" and password "Test Password"

5. tap login

6. etc…

Screen Shot[edit]

Attach a screen shot of the bug (or a movie). If you need to mark up your screen shot, Skitch is a great way to do it.