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Standard Operating Procedure for Gathering User Feedback aka Chore Wheel[edit]

Each person is assigned one week for "chore wheel." Your week includes the Saturday and Sunday preceding your assignment. For example:

Your week is December 14. That means you cover the days from Saturday December 8 through Friday December 14.

Note: the calendar invite for your assignment can be moved to any day/time in your week that is useful to you. Just have things done by Friday of your week.


Email feedback[edit]

  • Go to your WMF gmail screen, and click the account-switcher button at the top right. In the list of accounts you should see "Android Support (Delegated)" - select this and reply to emails as usual.
  • Escalate or file any new/urgent bugs.
  • Summarize other feedback/requests.
  • Responding is optional unless you need more info for a bug.
  • Respond if you need more feedback, but choose the Send and Archive button when you send your reply.
    • You can insert one of the templates (there is one for "ticket filed" and one for "this will be fixed in the next release") by going to More -> Templates -> [template name]
    • There is no standard signature, but you should sign your name and perhaps put your title as well, like "Thank you, Charlotte (Product Manager)"
  • If you don't need to respond to an email for more information, then Archive the emails you have processed. The email inbox should be empty when you're done.
  • Make sure to mark spam aggressively.
  • Using the Android feedback spreadsheet to track is also optional.
  • Update the Android app pulse spreadsheet.

Social media[edit]

Notable Play Store reviews[edit]

  • Since the last Chore wheel report on Prod and Beta
  • Responding to reviews is encouraged but not required.

Legacy feedback (OTRS)[edit]

  • To be checked less and less frequently.
  • Search > Additional filters > click field, select "Queue", click "+"; Queue will appear under Filters in use; click field, select "mobile", use dropdown to select "Android (Wikipedia)", click Confirm; repeat to add "State" (open, new), and "Ticket Create Time" (between)
  • Regardless of the issue, tell them to update their app to the latest version!

Additional guidelines[edit]

Receiving screenshots from users[edit]

Users will sometimes send a screenshot of the issue they are describing. You can post the screenshot on the corresponding Phab task, however check the screenshot very carefully for private or personally-identifiable information, and don't post the screenshot if it contains anything of the sort.

Reviews mentioning in-country blocks[edit]

If we receive reviews from users in China (or other countries whose government might be blocking Wikipedia) saying that they keep getting "not connected to internet" errors, this is likely to due to the blocks that those countries have imposed. You can reply to the reviews on the Play Store with the following message:


We are committed to allowing everyone, everywhere to freely access, share, and participate in knowledge on Wikipedia. Unfortunately, Wikipedia is currently blocked by most internet service providers in your country. We are not able to ensure access to Wikipedia until the block is lifted.


  1. Robin
  2. Cooltey
  3. Matt (temporary)
  4. Dmitry
  5. Sharvani
  6. Lani
  7. Anthony
  8. Jazmin

Status Update[edit]

On Friday, send an email to android@ with your chore wheel report. Thanks!