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Introduction: Android planning process[edit]

This page represents our current thoughts on an annual plan for FY 2020-21 for the Android team. While creating this roadmap, we have taken into account both the Foundation's strategic focus for the next 3-5 years, the results of our FY 2019-20 work, and the strategic direction of other teams within WMF (for example, iOS, Content Translation and the Growth Team) whose goals align with ours.

Workstreams: categorising our efforts[edit]

The Foundation's strategic focus for the next 3-5 years is on modernising the product experience and growing movement participation. The Android platform is uniquely placed to further those goals, because people in historically under-served markets overwhelmingly use Android devices as their primary (or only) means of getting online.

However, this does not mean neglecting existing markets or users, and so the work we do over the coming year will be divided between four strategic priorities. (The proportion of work each of these priorities represents is likely to change - some quarters may be heavier in one than the other.)

Editing Focus[edit]

Aligns with the WMF Medium-Term Plan priorities: Thriving Movement, Worldwide Readership

Throughout FY 2019-20, the team has been working on features relating to editing. This work will continue into the next year, with the goal of improving editing participation and retention of editors in the app. We are especially excited to experiment with ways of increasing participation - A/B and MVT testing will become important for us this year, meaning we will concentrate significant effort on tightening our analytics feedback loops.

Platform Evolution[edit]

New Android devices and platform improvements are continually being released, and the app needs to evolve to remain relevant and useful.

Incremental Improvement[edit]

Just because we're focusing on editors doesn't mean we can or should neglect readers, who form the majority of the audience for the app currently. We will need to continue to ensure that their experience is as seamless and enjoyable as possible, helping them learn, grow and understand wherever they are.


Aligns with the WMF Medium-Term Plan priorities: Thriving Movement, Worldwide Readership, Brand Awareness

When you have a good thing, you want to share it! The Android app has historically suffered from a lack of promotion, and we want to make sure that people in communities around the world (and right here on-wiki) are aware that there is an Android native app for them to use and enjoy as contributors or readers. The App Awareness Project is one arm of this strategy.

Android Product Roadmap by Quarter[edit]

The roadmap below is subject to change based on dependencies and emerging opportunities. The idea is to co-create the roadmap as a team, to ensure that the best ideas are captured and that the whole team is aligned and excited about the year ahead.

Though we are co-creating the roadmap, the work that is prioritised will align with both the WMF medium-term plan and the Audiences yearly plan for FY 2020-21, and will emerge from a coherent and cohesive strategy for evolving the app, rather than being a grab-bag of cool stuff.

Android Product Roadmap FY 20/21
Q4 FY 19-20 (Apr-Jun 2020) Q1 (Jul-Sep 2020) Q2 (Oct-Dec 2020) Q3 (Jan-Mar 2021) Q4 (Apr-Jun 2021)
Editing Focus
  • Suggested Edits v5 (enhanced contribution history)
  • Local notifications A/B test for editors
  • Push notifications for user acquisition and retention
  • Improve "quality" measures within SE
  • Advanced editing features (Watchlists, possibly Talk pages)
  • Improve mobile editor experience (section editing, syntax highlighting)
  • Design research for Q4 features (Contributions home, editor recognition)
  • Contributions home
  • Article drafts
  • Editor recognition
Platform Evolution Pay down tech/UX debt Push notifications
  • Implement banner server
  • Google Pay for donations
Incremental Improvement
  • Rationalise user onboarding and messaging
  • Encourage account creation
  • Improve app navigation
  • Improve "save to reading list" UX
  • Optimise Explore feed design
  • Implement campaign tracking
  • Rationalise in-article editing CTAs
  • Continue reading
  • Improve tablet experience
Awareness On-wiki app awareness campaign App awareness campaign in emerging markets
  • On-wiki advertising in more languages
  • Improve Play Store listings in more target languages
Pursue on-wiki links in select markets (e.g., Arabic) in which we have improved Play Store listings