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This is a quick set of bullets on the current and near-term work to make the Wikipedia app better. This is not set in stone, just an outline of our current thinking. Feedback, criticism and suggestions are welcome.

"Near-term" means the work is planned to start within a one or two months. "Mid-term" means the work is planned to start around end of the quarter and the start of the next. "Long-term" means the work is planned to be done a few quarters down the line. "Shelved" means that we believe that the work has merit but there are currently no plans to do this work.

Recently done[edit]

  • Night mode (Android only). Users can read in a display mode that's adapted to dark environments.
  • Table of contents onboarding (Android only). Users can learn about the table of contents and how to use it to navigate around articles.
  • Page issues (Android only). Users can tap on a button to learn about the issues and problems that a page has.
  • Disambiguation (Android only). Users can tap on a button to see links to articles with similar titles and about similar topics.
  • Find in page (Android only). Users can search within articles to find all occurrences of a particular search term.
  • Nearby. Users can get a list of articles about things that are near them.


  • Search improvements. Users can get relevant search results even if they make a typo, and can get more information about the subject of an article before they tap on it.


  • Notifications. Users can get notifications about content and events that are relevant to them.
  • Structured infoboxes (aka Wikidata infoboxes). Users can edit bite-sized tidbits of information about an article without using wikitext.


  • Structured discussions (aka Flow). Users can participate in structured discussions using a simple, mobile-friendly interface.

Shelved for now[edit]

  • Watchlist. Users can view their watchlist on the app.
  • VisualEditor. Users can use a simple graphical editor to edit articles without having to use wikitext.