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Last update on: 2014-04-21


January marked the first month of the Apps team's existence. Yuvaraj Pandian has started work with Brion Vibber on iOS and Android-based apps to upload photos to Commons. Both platforms are being developed concurrently and will have feature parity. Shankar Narayan joined us and and will be supporting the team for all design needs. While the first iteration of the Commons App isn't scheduled to finish until February 8th, the team has already created two skeleton apps that can upload, share and show the user's contributions. The team will be spending their next iteration tweaking workflows and styling the app. We also released new versions of the Wikipedia app on iOS and Android in order to bring it into compliance for legal privacy/disclaimer issues.


February saw numerous beta releases of the Commons iOS and Android app. The Android app was published to Google's Play store with a Beta label. Brion Vibber announced for testers to get envolved in A significant amount of time was spent on the visual polish, bug fixing, and internationalization in prep for a very active series of betas. Extensive work was also done to log specific user actions using E3's EventLogging setup to help us make data driven decisions in the future.


Initial version of Commons photo uploader app for Android is available for download in Google Play. iOS version is still in beta, but should be available in the store next month.


The Wikimedia Commons Android app is available in the Google Play store, and we also added categorization support. Its iOS counterpart is available in iTunes.


This month, the Mobile Apps team pushed out additional releases of the Commons photo uploader app for iOS and Android. The iOS version includes a major UI revamp by Monte, while the Android version has received multiple incremental updates by Yuvi and Brion. Yuvi has been working on modernizing support for campaigns in UploadWizard, which will make it easier to coordinate uploads for events like Wiki Loves Monuments. Viewer, contributor, and admin user interfaces for campaigns will come to the web, with campaign-tied uploading in the web and mobile app. The team also started making plans for the next generation of the Wikipedia reader app, which will be more closely integrated with the mobile web site to ensure that new features are always available through a web view, even where we don't create specific native support. More details will be put together in the next couple months.


Many changes were made to the iOS Commons app in October. Users can now select the license among the most common ones, and swipe to delete categories on yet-to-be-uploaded images. A number of visual and interface improvements have been made, including on the settings page and the image details slider, notably for iOS 7 compatibility. Icon consistency has been improved throughout the app. The app now also has better internationalization support (via Autolayout), as well as better landscape and iPad support.


A large change set was made to the iOS Commons app including:

  • Selectable licenses (3 most common licenses)
  • Swipe to delete categories on yet-to-be-uploaded images
  • Already-uploaded images now display license details
  • iOS 7 compatibility - large number of visual updates
  • Bug fix for images occasionally appearing out of order
  • Gallery picker shows newest images at top
  • Complete visual refresh of settings page and image details slider overlay
  • Upload button remains onscreen while editing image title / description
  • Delete button moved to bottom of image details slider overlay
  • Better image pinch-zoom performance
  • Double-tap to zoom image
  • Two-finger single tap to reset image zoom
  • Better internationalization support (via Autolayout)
  • Better landscape and iPad support
  • More consistent navigation bar back buttons
  • More consistent settings, info and picture-of-day attribution icons
  • Debug mode is hidden by default from settings


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