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The Wikimania Scholarships app is web-based application used to accept and process scholarship requests for Wikimania attendance. This application has historically been developed, maintained and hosted exclusively by volunteers from the community (Manuel Schneider, on a WMCH server). Starting with Wikimania 2014 the application will be hosted on the Wikimedia Foundation servers.

This project aims to review and update the existing application to the security and reliability standards required by being co-located with Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects.


  1. YesY Done Host a testing instance in Labs
  2. YesY Done Clean up existing code base
  3. YesY Done Document requirements and workflow for review process
  4. YesY Done Evaluate cleaned up code for a keep/rebuild decision (Keep!)
  5. YesY Done Bring source code into internal git repository with gerrit management
  6. YesY Done Performance and security review
  7. YesY Done Create production deployment configuration (Puppet)
  8. YesY Done Work with Operations team to design production hosting plan (ssl, apache, php, mysql)
  9. YesY Done Get final scholarship application questions from Scholarship Committee
  10. YesY Done Implement final scholarship application (form, database storage)
  11. YesY Done Address feature requests as time allows
  12. YesY Done Deploy to production on 2013-12-18 bug 57545 [Deployment tracking bug]
  13. YesY Done Support through application period
  14. In progress In progress Support through review period


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