Wikidata Query Service/User Manual/SPARQL Federation endpoints

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We allow SPARQL Federated Queries to call out to a selected number of external databases. Supported endpoints are:

URL Owner (docs) Europeana Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes
Ambox warning pn.svg Biblioteca Nacional de España
Ambox warning pn.svg British National Bibliography Smithsonian American Art Museum
Ambox warning pn.svg Bibliothèque nationale de France DBPedia Getty Vocabularies INSEE Italian Chamber of Deputies Smart Points of Interest UK Department for Communities and Local Government UK Office for National Statistics UK ordnance survey URI Burnder WikiPathways MW2SPARQL Yale Center for British Art Linked Geodata OBO/OntoBee OpenCitations STW Thesaurus for Economics Experimental GND GND economists GND economics institutions MeSH SPARQL endpoint British Museum Linked Open Transportdata Switzerland Koninklijke Bibliotheek PDOK Data Platform Linked Open Vocabularies The Universal Protein Resource Historical Archive of the Italian Presidency of the Republic Open Data Zürich Nobel Prize Linked Data 20th Century Press Archives LIBRIS The UK Parliament vocabulary Data ISTEX European Patent Office Linked open EP data Service AGROVOC NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies European Bioinformatics Institute NDBC RDF Portal - DDBJ NDBC RDF Portal - DBKERO NDBC RDF Portal ScienceSource project by ContentMine IdRef OpenStreetMap (Sophox) Gemeentegeschiedenis Muziekschatten Japan Search Linked Stage Graph Linked ISPRA Wikidata_Query_Service/Categories

You can nominate more endpoints at the Wikidata federation input page.

Ambox warning pn.svg This sign marks endpoints having federation issues. Please see more detailed information on federation issues page.