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How to get help and find useful information

Mailing Lists[edit]


List Description
wikidata-tech Discussion regarding the development of Wikidata
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wikidata-bugs Automated notifications of bug reports. Note that follow-ups should go into Bugzilla, or sent directly to the reporter and/or to wikidata-l. They should not be sent to wikidata-bugs.
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List Description
mediawiki-l For administrators and users of the MediaWiki software in non-Wikimedia-related projects, including some feature and development discussion. If you are having difficulty with your own installation of MediaWiki, then this is the place to ask for help.
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mediawiki-announce A low traffic list for announcements about new MediaWiki releases and security updates. All messages to this list also go to mediawiki-l, so you don't need to be on both.
Note: this list is in "emergency moderation". Only messages from accepted addresses don't get immediately discarded, and any message has to be manually approved by a list admin or moderator (Tim Starling, Chad Horohoe)
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mediawiki-i18n Discussion and notifications regarding MediaWiki internationalisation and language setup. Not to be confused with the private localisation-team.
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mediawiki-api Discussion related to the MediaWiki API and its on-going development.
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mediawiki-api-announce A low-traffic list for announcements about the API, such as breaking changes and new MediaWiki releases. All messages to this list also go to mediawiki-api, so you don't need to be on both.
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For discussion of technical issues with Wikimedia servers, features and development of the MediaWiki software, etc. This is not a forum for user help (see mediawiki-l, above).

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wikimedia-commits This list was merged to mediawiki-commits.
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mediawiki-codereview All CodeReview comments were sent to this list (only for the SVN repository; no replacement available with Git). Follow-ups went into CodeReview or were sent to to wikitech-l.
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Developer Info on MediaWiki[edit]