Wikibase/Schema/wbc entity usage


The wbc_entity_usage table contains information about which wiki page uses which entity. This information is primarily used to purge the parser cache of all affected pages when an entity changes. Detailed documentation on entity usage tracking can be found in the file docs/



  • auto-increment row ID for internal use. Primary key.


  • ID of the entity used.


  • Aspect of the entity used. Well known values:
    • S ("sitelinks"): the entity's sitelinks are used.
    • L ("label"): the entity's label in language xx changed.
      • L.xx ("label in XX"): the label aspect can have a modifier specifying the language used.
    • T ("title"): the title of the local page corresponding to the entity is used.
    • O ("other"): other aspects, not sitelinks, labels, or titles. Typically statements.
    • X ("all"): other aspects (such as statement data), or all aspects, are or may be used.
    • D.xx ("description"): the entity's description in language xx is used.
    • C.Px ("statements") - certain statements (identified by their property id) from the entity are used.


  • the ID of the page using the entity; refers to page.page_id.


Current as of Wikibase 0.5 (December 2016)

| Field        | Type           | Null | Key | Default        | Extra          |
| eu_row_id    | bigint(20)     | NO   | PRI | NULL           | auto_increment |
| eu_entity_id | varbinary(255) | NO   | MUL | NULL           |                |
| eu_aspect    | varbinary(37)  | NO   |     | NULL           |                |
| eu_page_id   | int(11)        | NO   | MUL | NULL           |                |