Wikibase/Quick start


Getting started[edit]

Wikibase is a powerful piece of software for managing structured data, and it's an extension to an even more powerful piece of software: MediaWiki .

Then add the query service, Elasticsearch and QuickStatements, and you've got a complex suite of software that can be intimidating to manage, let alone to install.

A diagram of the Wikibase network architecture

But what if you just want to take Wikibase for a test drive, to see how it works and whether it's right for your project's needs?

For that situation -- and many people starting out with Wikibase find themselves here -- we offer two easy ways to start using Wikibase.[edit] is Wikimedia Deutschland's cloud-based service offering hosted Wikibase instances.

No hardware is required -- just your data and your data-modeling expertise.

Early access to the newly launched service is currently invite-only. You can request access during the launch phase using this application.

Docker suite[edit]

For a little more control and customization, we offer a suite of Docker images that provide either a basic Wikibase setup or a full complement of services, all of which can be running on your own machine in a matter of minutes -- thanks to Docker and docker-compose.

If you're familiar with Docker, and once you have it installed on your machine of choice, you can dive right into the instructions on our Docker install page.

Manual installation[edit]

If you would like to manually install Wikibase to your MediaWiki installation, please see Wikibase/Installation.