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Wikibase is a software product developed and maintained by Wikimedia Deutschland. We’ve created this page to gain a better understanding of what the various institutional users want and need from the Wikibase software. Institutional users of Wikibase are welcome to use this page to describe the changes or improvements they would like to see in Wikibase without necessarily needing to know how such a change might be implemented.

These changes or improvements could be new features, better support for certain workflows or integrations with specific systems. To best support product decision-making, these suggested changes to Wikibase should be accompanied by detailed use cases for your institution. The Wikibase team will then use this page to get a sense of institutional user requirements and existing initiatives to develop solutions.

Disclaimer: while you are free to add to this page, there is no guarantee that your input will determine the development roadmap.

What to do with these pages[edit]

This page is intended for use by institutional users of Wikibase. These users are invited to elaborate on their requirements using the structured discussion section of this page. More detailed instructions on how to do this can be found there.

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Contributing to the Wikibase project[edit]

Currently, community members can create their own extensions, templates, gadgets or bots. These contributions can be made independent of any internal development process at Wikimedia Deutschland. If you do decide to contribute in this way, we encourage you to make such contributions open to the wider community.

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