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Last update on: 2012-10-monthly


Creating initial project page


Phil, Lindsey, Tomasz, and Brion had a project kick off meeting. Brion has taken his initial proto type and is working on refining next steps


The initial mock-ups were revised based on team input and we are preparing to hand-off the primary app development to Yuvi.


Near-final wireframes completed and most technical questions resolved.


Phil Chang, Lindsey Smith, Yuvaraj Pandian, and Brion Vibber spent the month defining specifications, prototyping, and implementing the first version of the Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM) app. Phil & Lindsey worked with various members of the WLM community (including Elke Wetzig and Maarten Dammers) to better understand the requirements of the contest.


Yuvi released an alpha version of the app with limited functionality. Jon Robson started code reviewing the app and will soon work on some of its new features


The WLM app team (Yuvi, Phil, Elke, Lindsey & Jon) worked closely during the month of June to finalize requirements, draft workflows, design mockups, and begin implementation on the first version of the app. The team did its first showcase of the app and are working quickly to resolve any outstanding bugs.


We conducted a showcase with Elke of Wiki Loves Monuments and demo'ed an early version of the app. Additional work has been organized and is in process.


Significant progress made at the Wikimania Hackathon in Washington DC and elsewhere. The development team of Jon, Brion, Yuvi, Max, Arthur improved the robustness of photo uploads, sped up monument discovery, and polished the app extensively. We held a showcase to demo our app to the WLM community and have released a first beta for Android.. Were eagerly waiting on feedback to find out where the app still has holes. Next we'll be finishing some incomplete features like upload later and seeing more monuments.


The mobile team released three new betas for the WLM app and published the last one on Google Play. We finalized many new features like saving for later, showing current location, and cleaned up data issues. The contest started on September 1st.


Preparing to get in to competition, Best of luck to all. iPhone users can get the app here: 123POI - Wiki Loves Monuments Edition[1]


The mobile features team of Brion, Jon, Max, and Arthur released several updates to the WLM app after launching the WLM app into the Google Play store. We've seen over 3,000 mobile uploads contributing to the first dedicated mobile contribution pipeline that the projects have seen. Working with the product team the team will next assess the data of the competition to better understand how to proceed with a dedicated commons upload tool. The team has received a significant amount of positive feedback about the app and which has been a large hit with new commons users from early data analysis.


The mobile team started planning the decommission of the WLM Android app. We'll be retiring both the app and the back-end infrastructure. During the decommissioning process, our product team will analyze data from the WLM contest and prepare for Commons upload next.