Wiki Loves Monuments mobile application/Data issues

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It is possible that you might encounter some issues regarding the monument database, administrative regions (the subdivisions you might see when browsing for monuments by country), or translations when using the WLM Android application. The app is continually evolving, so if you experience any issues, please make sure you are running the latest version (enabling automatic updates is highly encouraged).


You are always welcome to join the mobile development team in IRC in #wikimedia-mobile ( if you have any questions. We will do our best to assist. You can also contact the folks at Wiki Loves Monuments via their mailing list.

Issues with monuments[edit]

Contact the folks at Wiki Loves Monuments via their mailing list.

Issues with administrative regions[edit]

The administrative regions in the WLM android application are derived from three sources:

  1. Country names come from ISO-3166-1 data (for 2-letter country codes) and the Cldr extension for turning the 2-letter country codes into translated country names. If you see issues with country names, it is best to contact the maintainers of the Cldr extension and/or submit appropriate changes to the cldr code.
  2. Many regional subdivision names come from ISO-3166-2 data (for 2-letter subdivision codes), a data dump from for mapping subdivision codes to subdivision names, and a set of scripts which attempts to auto-translate subdivision names using interwiki language links. As such, it is likely there are some issues with translated subdivision names. The scripts provide details on how to provide updated translations for regional subdivisions.
  3. Other regional subdivision names that do not come from ISO-3166-2 data are hardcoded in the database. If there are any issues with these, they need to be brought up with WLM via their mailing list.

General translation issues[edit]

General translation issues can be brought up with the community, who provides translations for interface strings in the app. Some parts of the app UI will be translated over time and will appear in subsequent updates.