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This is our second online meeting. We should discuss the finalized application for recognition. First tasks should be assigned.

Time and place[edit]

5 September, 2014 at 6:30 PM UTC

Dial in

Attendees (for real)
  1. Your name here


  1. Welcome (Markus)
  2. Discuss finalized version of the application (Markus)
  3. Report on activities
    1. Environmental Scan (Alexis)
    2. Developer exchange (Mark)
  4. Name
  5. Responsibilities in
  6. First tasks and assignment (Markus)
  7. Your items (please add your name)
  8. Other
  9. Closing (Mark)



  • Markus Glaser (mglaser)
  • Alexis
  • Mark
  • Edlira
  • Quim Gil (Qgil-WMF)
  • Yaron Koren (showed up late)
  • Richard
  • Legoktm (very, very late)

Meeting starts @ 6:35 pm UTC

Discuss finalized version of the application[edit]

MediaWiki Cooperation proposal

  • Mark will make some slight modifications
  • Quim posted some questions (will be discussed later)
  • After Marks modifications, we will go ahead and request recognition
  • Edlira has read the text and has no comments, agrees with the text

Why not add "MediaWiki" explicitly to the name of the group?[edit]

  • Quim: MediaWiki is not in the name. Outside: wiki co-op means something totally different (including all kinds of wikis, not only MediaWiki). Inside: we are all doing "wiki coop". Once the Group is officially approved as "MediaWiki sth", we can call ourselves "MediaWiki sth" (not use MediaWiki logo for merchandising, though
  • Alexis agrees
  • Markus: We should just go for it. If it doesn't work out, the AffCom will tell us
  • Co-op? Means cooperative
  • Mark: MediaWiki Cooperation might be better then
  • Quim: could also be MediaWiki User Group (just improvising)
  • Markus: we can rename it right now into MediaWiki Cooperation, as this is only a slight adjustment. If we want to take MediaWiki User Group we need to ask the others as well.
  • Markus: Cooperation sounds more professional. User Group is doubling the name and function.
  • Quim -- when I hear user group, I see passive people. Cooperation means more activity.
  • All agree to the change.
  • Markus will rename page on MW.o

Clarify whether this group aims to work on anything related to[edit]

  • Mark: We have responsibilities, but we need to buy in.
  • Markus: working with existing efforts.
  • Quim: Catalogue of extensions, main page, skin layout. Not easy to just implement, sometimes neccessary to sell the idea to the community.
  • Markus: we need to do good things and prove ourselves. Mark did some groundwork with extension ratings in the GSOC project.
  • Mark: Was a lot of bikeshedding, though
  • Markus: Main page like translate wiki would be really good. But it is hard sell.
  • Quim: Sometimes mw.o isn't up to the task of achieving goals of mw coop, so we need to have a say
  • Mark: good you raised the point, Quim, because we need to have a say in what looks like, goes back to demonstrating what we do
  • Markus: There is an overlap between community and people we are targeting


Environmental scan[edit]

Understanding and Build Up an Ecosystem - Environmental Scan -

  • Alexis: possibly we can work with a Berkeley School of Business to conduct the environmental scan.They want to work with orgs in the Bay area, though. Chances are good that we are interesting enough for them.

Developer exchange[edit]

Work towards a Developer Community - Inititate a Developer Exchange -

  • Mark: Story on Alibaba (chinese company) that puts chinese micromanufactures together with people that want to buy stuff. What is important is trust. The exchange can initially be on mw.o, but in the long run we need to look for software like crowdfunding that make it possible to expree trust. does anyone know about a software or existing platform like this?
  • Markus: knows someone from kickstarter. Introduce Mark to him


  • Mark hijacks this :)
  • Mark: people do not have enough upfront notice about what's happening. We can do a better job on that and get people together to publicise the changes that are coming. Maybe a log post, newsletter or such
  • Quim: newsletter is not the best. Better maybe write this in mw.o.
  • Markus: aggregate and raise attention
  • Mark: Science of the week graphic
  • Markus: Ask a few admins what info they need


  • Mark: Maybe we can use Phabricator to track tasks.
  • Markus: What is needed to sign up to Phabricator?
  • Quim: You will need a wikimedia account.
  • Markus: Shall we start with Pahricator right away?
  • Mark: we should do that
  • Richard: it makes sense to do.
  • Alexis: Until when should we put up the tasks?
  • Markus: by Wednesday next week. Will send a reminder.


  • Alexis: how often shall we meet in the future?
  • Markus: every three weeks. Will send doodle to find convenient time slots for all.
  • This is agreed on.

Meeting closes @ 7:38 pm UTC

Future Meeting Dates[edit]

Regular meetings will be held on every first Friday of the month.

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Meeting Dates
2016-05-06 (Friday)
2016-06-03 (Friday)
2016-07-01 (Friday)
2016-08-05 (Friday)
2016-09-02 (Friday)
2016-09-28 (during SMWCon Fall 2016 in Frankfurt)
2016-10-07 (Friday)
2016-11-04 (Friday)
2016-12-02 (Friday)

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