This project has been discontinued, however there is an official Wikimedia Commons app for iOS and Android. See Wikimedia Apps/Commons for more information.
Manual on MediaWiki Tools
Release status: experimental
Author(s) User:TheDJ
Latest version 1.0.0 alpha
License multi-licensed BSD and MIT
Download SVN repository

WikiSnaps is an iPhone application that allows you to directly upload your photographs to Wikimedia Commons. The tool was originally developed during the Dutch 2011 Hack-a-ton

Images taken with this tool are collected in a category.

To do[edit]

  • Use keychain to store password
  • Use xml parser for the API responses
  • Error reporting
  • Error retry
  • Destination name availability checking.
  • GUI workflow improvement
  • License selection in settings
  • Attribution settings.
  • Remember previous title and description
  • Auto select last used photopicker
  • User configurable category
  • splash screen
  • i18n
  • geobased tagging
  • geobased info (categories)
  • About window, with license and author information.
  • Progress bar updating
  • Android version (freakolowsky is working on this)